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Guardian 24236/Taupi – manly

Posted by ilancaron on November 16th, 2007


A few manly answers: TESTOSTERONE (which figured in a Times puzzle today or yesterday as well), and an ARTILLERYMAN wearing an EPAULETTE. I did this in fits and starts throughout the day so I don’t really have a “first impression” that colored my reaction. I seem to recall thinking that the clues were fair and some of the wordplay clever.


1 STA(T,IS)TIC – lies, damned lies and…
6 MISER – need to separate “nit” from “picker” and then remove “nit” from “minister” to produce MISER who is indeed a “picker over expenditure”.
9 STRAP=rev(parts)
10 DAM,NATION – I like this though I suspect I’ve seen it before.
11 MEAD,OWL,ARK – great explanation from Shirley in the notes below!
12 S,TOW – 7D is SPITTOON.
14 T(ESTOSTER)ONE – our first manly clue: “rosettes” in TONE.
21 STOP=rev(pots)
22 RED S,NAPPER – it’s a fish (“scaled one”) and I guess RED is the color of Liverpool (when foot is applied to ball) and according to the online COED a NAPPER is “a person’s head” (informal).
25 C(ANT,A,L)OUP – quite a COUP for me to solve this.
26 S(WOO)N – “ig” in “sign” is replaced by WOO (for court).
27 E(GYP)T – but doesn’t GYP derive from EGYPT anyway? (ET’s our movie).
28 EPAULETTE – cryptic def: our third manly def.


4 TI,LAD=revi(lad,it)
5 CAMERA-SHY – kind of a cryptic def I guess since a RED SNAPPER that’s light could I supposed be a camera.
6 M(O)AN
7 SPITTOON – (points to)* with a slightly cryptic def (“one holding gob”).
13 MET,AT,ARS[en]AL – remove two points from Arsenal (“Gunners”) where MET AT is “satisfied by” and you end up breaking what David Beckham et al need to play football.
15 THE,REF,O,R,[gam]E
16 MASS,AC(R)E – clever apparent overlap of wordplay and def: MASS is our “service”, our “winner” is an ACE and the whole thing is (well, almost) “overwhelming”.
19 SP,ROUT – “Odds” is SP (Starting Price).
24 FAST – two meanings.

6 Responses to “Guardian 24236/Taupi – manly”

  1. Shirley says:

    Am away for the w/e so won’t see blog until Sunday evening. Couldn’t resist 14ac Meadowlark.
    Bird = owl, Drink = mead, boat = ark, and Meadowlark is a bird AND another boat in the novel Swallows & Amazons.
    A brilliant clue I thought.

  2. Barbara says:

    Will somebody please explain the wordplay for these answers:
    16. massacre; 17. attorney
    22. red snapper

  3. Geoff says:

    As far as I can work it out (Taupi produces some very intricately wrought clues!):

    16dn Definition is ‘overwhelming’ (ie as a noun); ‘service’ is MASS, ‘winner from such” is ACE (ie a service winner at tennis) ‘rank beginner’ is R – MASS AC(R)E

    22ac RED’S (‘Liverpool’s – football team or supporters) + NAPPER (slang for ‘head’); ‘scaled one’ = fish

    17dn ATTORNEY is ‘legal representative’, but I can’t work out all of the rest either. I think the ‘general’ is Marshal NEY (French commander in Napoleonic Wars) and the ‘exposed top’ may be TOR – hence AT TOR NEY

  4. albie says:

    Mea culpa.

    Ney was a marshal not a general. I usually double-check everything including the things I think I know, but I missed that one.

    Thanks for picking it up.

  5. muck says:

    5dn: ‘Avoiding 22 that’s light of colour’ CAMERA-SHY

    Remove the colour (RED) from 22 to get SNAPPER. If you avoid a snapper you’re camera-shy. Not sure of ‘that’s light of’ to mean remove. And ‘light of colour’ could have meant pink. As Geoff says, quite an intricate clue.

  6. Geoff says:

    5dn: ‘that’s light of’ seems fine to me – it doesn’t mean ‘remove’ (in a transitive sense), but to be ‘light of’ something is to be deficient in it. If RED SNAPPER is ‘light of’, ie deficient in, colour (RED) it becomes SNAPPER etc.

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