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Independent 6574/Nestor

Posted by neildubya on November 16th, 2007


I’d be interested to know how everyone else got on with this as I found it very easy – solved in just over 11 minutes, far and away my quickest ever time for a Nestor puzzle. Lots of fun though, as we’ve come to expect, and some very subtle and deceptive wordplay to be found. I missed a lot of it while I was solving (which is probably why it got finished so quickly) so it was good to have the opportunity to look at it again while I was writing this up.

11/12 PP in (HER FAIRY TALE’VE)* – HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Excellent clue.
13 COR in AN – “oak’s fruit” does give the game away somewhat but then it’s quite easy to miss the “put something in AN” wordplay so that adds a bit of difficulty.
14 ABS,(TEN)*
15 MP in HURRAH (rev) – I would have got this a lot quicker if “boo” hadn’t lodged itself in my mind for “disapproving outburst”, which then proved difficult to shake off.
18 NEED,REBA[-te] (rev) – another good one, with a smooth-as-silk surface.
23 PIN in AG – I liked this too. Ag is the chemical symbol for silver so “silver-plated” works as an container.
25 (MYXO[C for V]IRUS)* – Superb clue. Misleading definition (“Ferry crew” – Bryan Ferry is/was the lead singer of ROXY MUSIC), very convincing surface reading and a neat trick to indicate swapping the V with a C (“twentyfold increase” – think Roman numerals and multiplication). Hats off!
26 IN HAL[-f],OR – an OR is an Operating Room. [Edit: as beermagnet points out in the comments, this should be INHALER].
27 hidden reversed in “espiONAGE ROw”
28 OST,RICH,FEAT,HER – I liked the definition “might end up in boa”. “East German woman” is a hard phrase to break up too.
4 OD[-e],DI[-t]TY
5 HERE in ET AL – this and the previous 2 clues I filled in from the definition and crossing letters. They’re all good clues but I really liked this one: “This place is choking and others airy”.
6 hidden in “whoSE PIAno”
9 (DAMP OCEAN AIR IS)* – CINEMA PARADISO. Another one solved without really working out the wordplay, although this is one of the more straightforward ones.
16 (BUM)* in RECENT
19 PITH in E,ET
21 U,P[-o]STAGE
22 EX,PO’S,E – “Royal Mail closures” is EX P[ost] O[office]S
24 LOG<,GI – never heard of him but easy wordplay and checking letters left no doubt.

4 Responses to “Independent 6574/Nestor”

  1. beermagnet says:

    26A I put in INHALER with ER from Emergency Room for the “US hospital area”

    I never time myself but yes, this didn’t take very long.

  2. neildubya says:

    26A – My mistake. You’re right – should be INHALER.

  3. nmsindy says:

    This was my quickest Nestor solve of the year by a long way. Very enjoyable and as always with Nestor treatments that were novel and bulletproof.

  4. Richard Heald says:

    Excellent work once again from Nestor, with the occasional strained surface reading entirely forgiveable in the light of some highly original cryptic treatments. Oddly enough, I solved the ROXY MUSIC clue at precisely the same time that Jonathan Ross began to play ‘Do The Strand’ on his Radio 2 show. Isn’t there a name for this bizarre phenomenon? If not, there ought to be.

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