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Independent 6579/Phi – the usual Phi standard

Posted by John on November 16th, 2007


Solving time : 35 minutes. As he does every week, Phi manages to produce a crossword that is full of clever stuff with which it’s apparently almost impossible to find fault.

1 MOP IS H[esitate].
4 STOP PAR D[rama].
10 (LATE)* I SURE, def. “Under pressure? By no means”.
11 2 defs.
12 (MUM)* in SONS.
13 RE D(H)EAD, ref. “The Red-Headed League“, a Sherlock Holmes story.
14 FUN GI I think. Presumably “two internal portions” refers to two letters. The definition is “mushrooms?”
15 IN DUST(R)Y. Not sure about “much-used” for “in”.
18 O RIG IN A L. Why the exclam? Perfectly nice, but not especially remarkable, and marginally amusing perhaps, but …
20 NORMA[l]. One of the crossword setter’s favourite operas.
25 (SUN ALE)* H.
27 D in (WITH STAG)*. Def. “near people”. Good clue.
2 PULL MAN[y].
3 R in (JINKS I GO)*. I had to check what skijoring was, although I had vaguely heard of it.
7 A MATE(U)R. Good def., referring to the basic meaning of “amateur”.
8 DI(RN)D L. I’ve never heard of a dirndl except in crosswords.
9 (ANTI MOST QUERIES)* minus I. Lovely &lit.
16 SING (blab), LET ON (tell tales). The def., cunningly disguised, is “One”.
17 MACH 1 S MO.
21 READ A PT. If one is to be very pedantic, “readapt” presumably means not “modify” but “modify again”.
22 D(ROWS)E[n].
24 TOP IC[e].

2 Responses to “Independent 6579/Phi – the usual Phi standard”

  1. neildubya says:

    3D – I’d never heard of this and was amazed to find it is actually a word. Really liked 16D.

    As you say, faultless stuff as ever from Phi.

  2. nmsindy says:

    14 “Two internal portions” was a bit unusual in that normally it’s the centre that’s taken – these were the 3rd and 4th letters of a 5-letter word. It’s also one of two (or maybe even three) possibilities. None of this held up solving tho.

    15 Thought ‘much-used’ v much OK for ‘in’

    After recent Phi Indy puzzles, looked for a while to see if there was a Nina but can see nothing

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