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Independent No 6581 by Mordred

Posted by NealH on 19th November 2007

9 Capo: Truman Capote (US writer) – TE (note from doh, re..)
10 Metalloidal: (made a lot ill)*. Tricky word.
13 Octopod: Initial letters running backwards. Also some & lit because the Davy Jones in the Pirates films looks like an octopus.
15 Chromo: (Mr Choo)*. Had to confirm this from the dictionary – apparently it’s short for chromolithograph.
17 Tightrope Walker: Cryptic def.
20 Al Anon: Alan (Partridge, mock radio presenter created by Steve Coogan) + “on”. Short for “alcoholics anonymous”.
22 Fold: Wasn’t completely confident on this – some sort of cryptic definition based on sheepfold.
26 Spin: Nips backwards. Another one which required a trip to the dictionary – spinning is apparently a metod of fishing.
27 Dry cleaner: Hard-liner (“dry” as in “wet and dry”) + “one who does for” (cleaner, slang for hit man)
2 Epee: Fencer’s second (e) + pee (slash being slang for urinate)
4 Calico: C + Ali (Cassius Clay’s later name) + co
6 Crayon: “Ray” (Winstone – actor) inside “con”
7 Backpacking: Pack (rugby forwards) inside “backing”. Since was obvious early on that it started “back”, the presence of “forward” in the clue made this quite misleading.
12 Original sin: Didn’t quite get this. It doesn’t seem to be formed from wordplay, so I assume it’s just a cryptic def. I suppose the original sin is the model for all others.
15 Cuttlefish: “Cut” + “felt” backwards + “ish”
20 Anneal: Didn’t get this apart from “temper” = “anneal”
23 Orca: “Orc” (goblin from Lord of the Rings) + “a”. Orca is another word for a killer whale.
24 Knee: Knee(sups)

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Guardian 24238/Rufus – raga man

Posted by ilancaron on 19th November 2007


I felt this was Rufus at his worst to be honest. There were too many long anagrams and too many unconvincing cryptic defs (yes, I realize this judgement is in the eye of the beholder). That said most surface readings were coherent and sensible which is often the first thing that is compromised in a bad puzzle.
Across Read the rest of this entry »

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Private Eye/Cyclops 352 – Hyperactive deficiency

Posted by beermagnet on 19th November 2007


I don’t time myself when solving crosswords. I know I’m not very fast compared to most other people on this blog, and frankly it’s a bit late to start doing that now. However I can normally assess a crossword’s difficulty by the number of pints it takes (and whether or not I need a little lie-down before finishing it).
This one was a 1 pint crossword – a fast solve for those of us familiar with the style.
But unfortunately mistakes creep in when I slap in answers in willy-nilly (see 9 Down). Read the rest of this entry »

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