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Independent No 6581 by Mordred

Posted by NealH on November 19th, 2007

9 Capo: Truman Capote (US writer) – TE (note from doh, re..)
10 Metalloidal: (made a lot ill)*. Tricky word.
13 Octopod: Initial letters running backwards. Also some & lit because the Davy Jones in the Pirates films looks like an octopus.
15 Chromo: (Mr Choo)*. Had to confirm this from the dictionary – apparently it’s short for chromolithograph.
17 Tightrope Walker: Cryptic def.
20 Al Anon: Alan (Partridge, mock radio presenter created by Steve Coogan) + “on”. Short for “alcoholics anonymous”.
22 Fold: Wasn’t completely confident on this – some sort of cryptic definition based on sheepfold.
26 Spin: Nips backwards. Another one which required a trip to the dictionary – spinning is apparently a metod of fishing.
27 Dry cleaner: Hard-liner (“dry” as in “wet and dry”) + “one who does for” (cleaner, slang for hit man)
2 Epee: Fencer’s second (e) + pee (slash being slang for urinate)
4 Calico: C + Ali (Cassius Clay’s later name) + co
6 Crayon: “Ray” (Winstone – actor) inside “con”
7 Backpacking: Pack (rugby forwards) inside “backing”. Since was obvious early on that it started “back”, the presence of “forward” in the clue made this quite misleading.
12 Original sin: Didn’t quite get this. It doesn’t seem to be formed from wordplay, so I assume it’s just a cryptic def. I suppose the original sin is the model for all others.
15 Cuttlefish: “Cut” + “felt” backwards + “ish”
20 Anneal: Didn’t get this apart from “temper” = “anneal”
23 Orca: “Orc” (goblin from Lord of the Rings) + “a”. Orca is another word for a killer whale.
24 Knee: Knee(sups)

8 Responses to “Independent No 6581 by Mordred”

  1. Paul B says:

    ‘Al Anon’ isn’t short for Alcoholics Anonymous, even though it might look like it should be.

    AA is where the drunks hang (and, very occasionally, dry) out, while Al Anon is an associated 12 Step group that purports to assist families in restructuring supposedly sick relationships with ‘their drunk’.

    It’s a very peculiar set-up – or so I’ve heard – with just about every ‘illness’ covered: Andlitters Anonymous, anyone?

  2. nmsindy says:

    ORIGINAL SIN Model is = original’s in = pregnant with. New to me, but it’s in Collins. Did not understand ANNEAL either, apart from definition.

    There’s a dedication in row 4 of the puzzle.

  3. eimi says:

    Anneal is extremely tricky and refers to the grid entry that shares the same start (Al-Anon) with an exchanged vowel, e for o.

  4. Derrick Knight says:

    SHEEP BEND is a double definition. FOLD = the sheep enclosed in a fold or pen.

  5. clairer says:

    Al-Anon is the commonly used abbreviation for Al-Anon Family Groups.
    The name itself is an anacronym for Alcoholics Anonymous. However, Al-Anon is a separate organization from Alcoholics Anonymous. As it so happens, Lois, the wife of A.A.’s cofounder, Bill W.was the cofounder of Al-Anon which was founded in 1951. With the exception of one word in our Twelfth Step, Al-Anon uses the same 12 Steps as A.A.

    Al-Anon is for anyone who lives or has lived with an alcoholci or problem drinker. Visit or call 888-4AL-ANON 9888-425-2666) for meeting information.

  6. Paul B says:

    Or not. If you’ve any sense.

  7. Derrick Knight says:

    It is good to see the puzzle has prompted the beginning of a potential discussion about a life-enhancing organisation

  8. Paul B says:

    Or about religious cults, depending on your point of view!

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