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Private Eye/Cyclops 352 – Hyperactive deficiency

Posted by beermagnet on November 19th, 2007


I don’t time myself when solving crosswords. I know I’m not very fast compared to most other people on this blog, and frankly it’s a bit late to start doing that now. However I can normally assess a crossword’s difficulty by the number of pints it takes (and whether or not I need a little lie-down before finishing it).
This one was a 1 pint crossword – a fast solve for those of us familiar with the style.
But unfortunately mistakes creep in when I slap in answers in willy-nilly (see 9 Down).

1 CRUDITY – CRUD-IT-Y  Y is our “unknown quantity”
Despite getting this quickly on first sight I’m giving this one my favourite clue award for its excellent surface reading. Full clue:
Filth, sex and unknown quantity of vulgarity (7)
5 HAND JOB – “Worker” “Duty”
10/7/18 ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER – This was one of those answers that became clear after a few crossing letters and I admit I didn’t check the anagram until writing this blog (AIR CONDITIONERS FITTED D T E)* Anyway, surely it’s ADHD now (got to get Hyperactivity in there y’know)
11 FAFF – FA(lsta)FF
14 STRESS – (TOSSERS)* without the O
17 ERECTION – An erection in an answer rather than a clue! ELECTION becomes ERECTION after “changing political bias” from Left to Right
21 MANURE – MAN-URE : “Crew” ; “Midge” Ure
27 STYE – Hidden in “buSTY Eve”
28 SMACK-HEAD – “Swipe” “loaf” The last I filled in. I found the hyphenation misleading. Now I’ve checked I find smack-head is at least as common as smackhead
29 UPGRADE – UP-GRADE Ref Michael Grade “The most popular Media Mogul in Britain” (That’s what is says here: )
30 ORATORY – O-R-A TORY O from “Sod all” i.e. Nothing
3 DETENTE – TENT inside DEE for “comedian” Ref Jack Dee
4 TENET – TEN-ET Seems to me E.T. is being increasingly used as “film” in clues
6 AD NAUSEAM – (SAUNA MADE)*  Cyclops could have made reference to the longstanding Private Eye feature of that name
8 OFF COLOUR – Not so much a Double-Definition as a “1 and 2 halves” Definition as “Blue” could define OFF and COLOUR separately.  Full clue is just:
Blue sick (3,6)
9 PIDDLE – P for Parking; FIDDLE for scam; Fellow goes so lose the F.
I can see that now as I come back to blog it, but I find I originally wrote in FIDDLE. What was I thinking of? Full clue:
Parking scam fellow goes for a piss (6)
I think in my haste I saw “Parking scam” as the definition and “fellow goes for a piss” as somehow PIDDLE with F instead of P
15 THIN ON TOP – (HINT NO)* TOP (Chest) One of those nice definitions: “much less of a shock”
16 SODOMISED – CD – That kind of stern
19 OLD DEAR – (DILDO)* minus the I then EAR
20 RATBAG – RAT-(GAB<) Rabbit as in talk
22 NO SWEAT – “Objection” “Labour”

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