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Independent 6583/Dac – Wednesday 21.11.07

Posted by John on November 21st, 2007


As usual Dac’s clues are consistently excellent. Few stand out (except for 14D), but they are always sound and have clear good surfaces. It’s a bit like Mozart (although Dac might feel a bit flattered to be compared to Mozart) – you think “how simple, I could have done that”, but no.

4 D(EXTR[a])OSE.
10 “Rue lard”. Is “lard” really “bits of bacon”? Not sure I’ve got this quite right.
12 LITTLE VOICE is a film; of which I’d only vaguely heard, but confirmed here.
16 SCRAP (a little bit) ME(T)AL. This took me a while since it seemed that “rubbish” was “crap”. After Morph the other day anything is possible.
18 C(ANON IS)T IC. Had never heard the word, but it was quite likely, so long as one accepts that “put” is a nothing word and just means “put next to”. Or so it seems to me.
19 (AGRA)*. What is the function of “in”, apart from helping the surface?
21 (IN PISA THREE)*, a pretty obvious anagram although it took me ages.
25 I had to use a crossword dictionary to discover that a girlfriend was a SQUEEZE, something that I never knew.
27 Yesterday.
3 E (One ultimately) M(AIL)S. Excellent clue. I approve of (6), not (1-5).
5 A cryptic definition that took me until I had almost all the checking letters.
6 “Thai” BEAMS. Had never heard of tie beams, but it was a pretty safe bet.
7 O KAY.
8 I think this is EXES, since a thrice-married man would have to pay alimony to more than one ex. But why thrice, and not twice, or often, or some such?
9 (CONVERTS AI SITE)*. This wasn’t totally easy since “Converts” could have been the (very dodgy) anagrind. But I suppose Dac wouldn’t have stooped thus.
13 (THAT CAME)* N T.
14 A(L TARP IE)CE. At first I thought this was simply a cryptic definition, but it’s a beautiful &lit.
17 KNO(T)W DEE rev.
20 JE(I US rev)T.
23 PRO P[arty].

11 Responses to “Independent 6583/Dac – Wednesday 21.11.07”

  1. nmsindy says:

    22 was amusing and I hope does not upset in these PC days, though anyone who was might have found 8, which also brought a smile, counterbalanced it in a way.

    One I’d difficulty understanding. 10 R?U?A?E is, I think ROULADE, though a little puzzled by the “?”, I think the explanation above is correct, thanks, two homophone parts, but it’s quite hard. I did not get either part myself from the clue.

  2. conradcork says:

    Wasn’t it Artur Rubenstein who said that Mozart was ‘too easy for beginner, too hard for virtuosi’?

  3. Mick H says:

    Can I make a plea to fellow bloggers to include the answer! I didn’t get 5 down, which having a fresh look now I realise is EGALITARIANISM, but when I was stuck, it was little help to know it was a cryptic definition.
    I too assumed ALTERPIECE was a CD – what a fine clue.

  4. John says:

    Mick H: As you know we’re not encouraged to give the answers to every clue. One has to make a decision as to which ones to leave out. It seems acceptable to omit a few, and give veiled indications of one or two others. But, as I have found when reading a blog, it often happens that the clue the blogger decides to omit is just the one where something is needed.

  5. nmsindy says:

    I took Mick H’s point not as asking for comments on all clues, but, that in those covered the answer should be explicitly given in the blog.

  6. AlanGmitchell says:

    John – re 8d. It would have to be thrice married in order for the answer to be “exes”. A twice married man would only have one “ex”

  7. John says:

    AlanGmitchell: yes of course, silly of me.

  8. Patrick says:

    Could someone explain 15a to me, I put in Agra because I knew this was a city and it fitted but I still can’t figure the clue!
    PS sorry the request is late, the puzzles are a few weeks later in Aust.

  9. nmsindy says:

    Perhaps you would quote the clue, Patrick.

  10. John says:

    15A Car drivers bypassing Greek city (AGRA)

    It’s AA round Gr. No doubt there is no AA in Australia apart from Alcoholics’ Anonymous. This is the Automobile Association, what its website calls “the UK’s largest breakdown organisation”.

  11. Patrick says:

    Ta John, it was all Greek to me.

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