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Beelzebub 926/Phi (11-11-07)

Posted by neildubya on November 23rd, 2007

1 L in BASH – I hesitated over this at first because I couldn’t see why “go” = BASH. Then I remembered “have a bash at [something]”.
11 (SIGN BLOOMERS)* – REBLOSSOMING. Pleasing &lit clue.
12 ENZOOTIC – this must be right as the definition fits but I can’t untangle the wordplay: “Quickly one should return around zone suffering localised disease”.
16 BEE,SWING – a BEE is a social gathering (e.g. spelling bee) and BEESWING is a flaky deposit found in port and other wines.
19 P in A DRESS
21 DA in DUET,E
24 E in SLP,TOFF – I initially filled in SWEPT OFF even though it didn’t really fit with the definition because I convinced myself that Arthur Scargill was in the Socialist Worker’s Party (SWP). Turns out he founded the Socialist Labour Party.
29 IT’S A< – IT is vermouth, as in “gin and it” (which sounds like a classic martini to me…)
32 (B[-a]BY)*,LOW – BYBLOW. Excellent &lit clue. A BYBLOW is an illegitimate child.
1 BREEZE – I liked this clue a lot: “Refuse to go cheerfully”. As a noun, BREEZE refers to cinders, ash or dust (which is what breeze blocks are made out of) and as a verb it can mean a few things but probably the most relevant is “to move in a self-confident or jaunty manner”.
2 (CLEARLY UNLIT)* – LENTICULARLY. I struggled to get, partly because I thought I was looking for a word ending -ICAL.
4 BE,A in H (FOOT)* – HOOFBEAT. Another excellent &lit: “Horse with foot moving? Happen one will be involved”. I’ve only now spotted that “happen one” is BE,A though.
8 P,P,IE in LIST
15 QUEE[-r],(MAN)*,B – QUEEN MAB is a tantalizing fairy who “governs and produces peoples’ dreams”.
17 SPOFFISH – not sure if this is right as I can’t work out the wordplay. Full clue is “Officious affected types upset a person”. This answers crosses with 33A – which I’ve got as HASTE (the H is where they cross) but I can’t explain that either so it’s possible that might be wrong too.
20 DEFRA,Y[e]S
25 odd letters of SiLk, initial letters of “Used By Braiders”.
27 IT<,R,L – TIRL.

2 Responses to “Beelzebub 926/Phi (11-11-07)”

  1. Testy says:

    SPOFFISH looks right to me.
    “Affected types upset” = FOPS reversed
    “a person” = FISH (as in “he’s a bit of a cold fish” “she’s a bit of an odd fish”)

  2. Testy says:

    ENZOOTIC too. The “around zone suffering” lead me to think that it yielded the ENZO bit but in fact it is just the Z (Z being an abbreviation for zone).

    So it’s (CITO ONE) reversed around Z (cito is apparently latin for quickly)

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