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Guardian 24,242, Quantum: Better latte than never

Posted by michod on November 23rd, 2007



4. JAM PAN. A guess now confirmed – it’s a kind of sedan chair.

9. BRIE(f). More familiar as a cheese than a place.

11. STATIN (patients* – pe). Complicated wordplay here, requiring the subtraction of PE even though the two letters are separated.

12. NET< TA(C)LE.

13. OPTOMETRY. (TYPE + MOTOR*). ‘Tested’ is the anagrind – as in ‘this tests the limits of reasonable anagram indicators’?

16. LA(T)TE. Now, we’ve been here before, not so long ago. Instinctively I feel that ‘no time’ should indicate that there is no T in the word. I suppose you can justify it by saying that only the T that the compiler decides stands for time is affected, but it’s not as satisfactory as, say, ‘time out’ would be.

17. SINGLET ON. Nice concise clue.

27. WRIT HE. High Explosive.



6. PROPA GATE (hom. PROPER). Nice homonym, for those of us that like them.

7. NO(NPL)US.  ‘Plan leaving one’ = PLN, as ‘leaving’ can work either way.

8. BUTTERFINGERS. A topical clue in the light of Scott Carson’s abysmal howler the other night. I don’t quite get the second half, unless it’s just a reference to the retribution one might expect for such errors.

14. OU TRIGGER. Good construction, with ‘device for setting off’ giving trigger.

18. GROSSER. Hom. GROCER. But is the definition right – surely this is a comparative, so ‘with more excess fat’ rather than just ‘with excess fat’.

19. OLI VINE. My other guess, which seems to work.

20. SI(EVE)S. Riddles in crosswords more often refers to this than to jokes.

23. DIG IT. Nice clue.


5 Responses to “Guardian 24,242, Quantum: Better latte than never”

  1. Guardianista says:

    12A Tentacle, me thinks…

  2. michod says:

    Correct, Guardianista – my notation was to indicate the wordplay (NET

  3. ilancaron says:

    two questions:
    – don’t understand the Scott Carson (almost an anagram of Croatians) allusion (i’m guessing football?? is it any consolation to know that England would probably qualify for a European Nations cryptic crossword final?)
    – 6D: shouldn’t “right entrance, we hear” be “We hear, right entrance” since the homophone is really only right=proper=”PROPA”?

  4. Guardianista says:

    Oops, sorry!

  5. michod says:

    Sorry Ilan – Carson (Rampaging Croatians firing at one who’s in goal?) was indeed the hapless England keeper on Wednesday night. As for England’s chances in a cryptic Euro Championship, I reckon the Scottish team might put up a stiff challenge!
    Re 6d, you’re quite right technically, but personally I don’t mind running the phrase together – PROPERGATE sounds like PROPAGATE.

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