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Independent 6580/Monk

Posted by neildubya on November 23rd, 2007

3 A,MB,U,LANCES – I hesitated a bit over this as I didn’t know that LANCE=move quickly but with A,MB,U and a definition of “hospital transport” there’s not much else it can be.
11 [-s]CARED
12 E in WILDE,D – I liked “an Oscar” to indicate WILDE because it’s a bit different to what we would usually see: “Oscar, say” or “Oscar, perhaps”.
13 REWARD< – one of four answers in the puzzle that uses the same letters.
15 INFERNAL,A CHIN in ME – INFERNAL MACHINE. I’d heard of the phrase but wasn’t really sure what it meant – apparently it’s a concealed explosive device intended to destroy life or property.
21 WARRED – “ward”. The second thematic clue.
23 W in TOE,RED – I’ve been caught out by “legend” (end of leg) before, and by the same setter I think.
26 ED in CAR – is there a technical term for clues like this: “Editor’s vehicle wrapped round tree”, where we have to read it as “Vehicle’s wrapped round editor tree”. Reverse container-and-contents, perhaps?
27 SATYRICON – which was a satirical novel written in the 1st century AD by Petronius. SATYR is a word for a lascivious man (“Chap desiring sex”).
5 hidden in “fUND IDeally”
6 RA (going up),A in CHIC – with A?C???? filled in I had to resist the urge to fill in “ancient”.
7 C,RIS[-e] in (ARETE)* – CAREERIST. “Professional climber” is a great definition.
8 SIDE – was a bit puzzled about this one when I filled it in but I think I get it now. Full clue is “Left Channel 4?” and it was the “Channel 4″ bit I didn’t get. I think it’s a reference to a TV station being a SIDE, as in “Switch to the other side”, meaning to change channels. Unless anyone else has a better explanation.
9 WARDER – the third thematic clue. The “lift and separate” definition is “screw”.
14 BELLY-DANCE – marvellous cryptic def. “Corporation shake-up in the East”.
16 IN LAND in F,AI (going up) – FINLANDIA is a symphonic poem by Jean Sibelius.
17 TIDE (going up) in MATES
19 EAR[-ly],DRU[-id],M[-en] – an excellent clue with an original treatment. “Both feet having been severed” is the indicator for lopping off the last two letters in “early Druid men”.
20 REWARD – the fourth thematic clue, and identical to 13A! “Artist’s back pay for good work”.
22 DES (going up),OD – I originally filled in DOPED thinking “I’ll figure out the wordplay later”, but that’s never a good idea.
25 S,CUP – a “porgy” is a type of sparid food fish, or SCUP. This was all news to me but the wordplay could only take you in one direction.

3 Responses to “Independent 6580/Monk”

  1. Testy says:

    Re 26A: you could read it as “Editor has vehicle wrapped round” in which case it’s a normal container-and-contents.

    I definitely agree with your explanation for 8D SIDE.

  2. nmsindy says:

    I’d some doubts about SIDE, too, but that was the explanation I also settled for. Maybe it was a more common expression when there were just two channels (BBC, ITV) so the 4 worried me a bit.

  3. Geoff says:

    26A: Abbreviation, or more accurately contraction, of ‘has’ to ‘apostrophe s’ only normally occurs in English when ‘has’ is being used as an auxiliary verb (in the perfective aspect) rather than as a simple verb (ie meaning ‘possesses’). ‘Editor’s a dog’ can only mean ‘Editor IS a dog’ and not ‘Editor HAS a dog’.
    ‘Editor’s wrapped vehicle round tree’ or ‘Editor’s got vehicle wrapped round tree’ are both alternatives where ‘Editor’s..’ could indeed be read as ‘Editor has..’ But this doesn’t really work with the clue as written: ‘Editor’s vehicle wrapped..’ can’t grammatically be analysed as ‘Editor has vehicle…’ because direct objects always follow past participles in English and therefore ‘wrapped’ can only be interpreted as an adjective.
    Which means the clue is written in arfacese, doesn’t it?

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