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Azed 1851 – in the soop

Posted by linxit on November 25th, 2007


Solving time 38:18 (with Chambers and Bradford’s)

I made one mistake (9ac, SOOM for SOOP) but realised when I came to do the blog, as I’d never been happy with my original answer and had another look at it. Whenever I fail on an Azed, it’s always a little 4-letter word with an unch at the beginning or end.

1 SCHOTTKY NOISE (in the sky coots)* – never heard of him, but Walter Schottky (1886-1976, German physicist) has two main entries for Schottky defect and Schottky effect. However this is listed as an alternative name for shot noise, but it doesn’t say which is the correct term.
11 TO,UG,HIE – there really is a verb to ug, meaning to loathe!
12 EIKON – nookie rev, minus one O.
13 AM(B)O – nice clue. If you ever learned Latin, then you’d know Azed’s right. The first one we learned: amo, amas, amat etc = “I love, you love, he loves…”
15 BABOOS,H – a baboo is an Indian clerk, the whole thing is a slipper.
19 R(ETA)ILE,R – an eta was a member of the lowest Japanese class.
21 INCASE – two meanings, the second for “in case”.
23 MOON-(F)ACE – F inside (in cameo)*
27 ETAG,ERE – “ere gate” reversed. To ere means to plough (found under ear³ in Chambers.)
29 TALARIA – “a lariat” with the T moved to the front. They were Hermes’ winged sandals.
30 ON,ER – no rev + ER – a oner is slang for a £1 note.
31 EWE,ST – Scottish word for near.
32 TIER,CET(etc*)
33 RETT’S SYNDROME (sends merry tot)* – a neurological disorder mainly affecting baby girls.

1 STA(BAT MA(n))TER – a Latin hymn, literally “The mother stood” (from the opening line).
2 COMAL – not very well hidden in Trincomalee, but not so easy to find in Chambers (I missed it first time I looked!)
3 HUB,BUBO,O – Bubo is a genus of owls.
4 THROAT (hot tar)*
5 TIES – two meanings, the second usually spelt “tyes”.
6 YACH(Chay*),TIE – &lit.
7 NEAL – even letters of eNtErAbLe.
8 O(IL)-RICH – 1,L inside choir*
9 SOOP – Scots word for sweep, it’s O inside POS, i.e. a PO is a chamber(pot).
10 EN PURE PERTE – PERT inside EN PUREE (“in soup” in French) – the phrase literally translates as “to mere loss”, i.e. to no purpose.
16 HEN,C,E – the CE is from the first letters of “cosmetics easily”. The definition is “Get lost!”, as “Hence!” can be used like that too apparently.
17 FLA(MEN)C,O – MEN in CALF rev. + O – I was expecting the etymology to mean “fiery” or something similar, but it means gypsy.
19 READIES (a desire)*
22 NE(A,R(op)E)D – a ned is a Scottish hooligan.
24 BREE,M(alt) – bree is liquor, breem is a Spenserian word for fierce.
25 W,AWE – an old form of wave (Spenser again).
26 ORTS – remove bis (twice) from bistros, and shuffle.
28 T(H)IN

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