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Independent 6589/Dac

Posted by neildubya on 28th November 2007

4 SCHNAPPS – cleverly done. A drunkard might pronounce “snaps” (pictures = shots) as SCHNAPPS. The literal reading works too.
10 D in LANG,RAVE – this was new to me but fairly easy once I stopped thinking about Lean (ie, David) as the film director. A LANDGRAVE is a count that has jurisdiction over certain territory.
11 VIE in GENEVE – I think I vaguely knew that GENEVIEVE was a film but I couldn’t tell you anything about it.
17 (SOUTHERN [-M]EDOC)* – nice anagram but it was the clue enumeration that helped me get this one. Can’t really avoid that I suppose.
24 SWILL – the last one in for me, and I wasn’t completely convinced about it at the time although I am now. Pigs’ SWILL is made from scraps so I guess that counts as “refuse” and a SWILL is a gulp of beer or other alcohol.
1 ENG in (EAGER)* – really good clue, with a good surface: “Sign up again, eager for training to include engineering”.
2 MAD ON,N,AS – once I’d worked out that “really into” was MAD ON, then MADONNAS had to be the answer but it took me a while after that to spot “when” for AS.
3 KIR,OV[-er]
5 S in (MONK DECLINED)* – wasted some time assuming that “Monk” was the definition. I kicked myself when I finally saw CONDENSED MILK as I had written out the remaining anagram fodder and MILK should have leapt out at me from that.
6 (WEIGHT RAN)* – oddly enough, I got this (from the definition) before I got 26A.
10 L,I,ECHT,E[-i]NSTEIN – easy enough to get from “Learner” indicating something beginning with L and the fact that we’re looking for a 13 letter place in Europe but the wordplay is not so obvious. ECHT means genuine or authentic and “clever fellow, one given promotion” means move an I in EINSTEIN up a bit. OK, it’s slightly vague but, for me at least, the wordplay confirmed the answer rather than led to it.
19 W in CREEL – quite a tough clue so I’m glad I knew that CREEL is something for holding bobbins in a spinning machine. “With” for W is tricky to spot too as it’s so often used as a link word.

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Guardian 24246/Orlando – A rum clue

Posted by ilancaron on 28th November 2007


A good puzzle to learn a few new words via clear wordplay (e.g. SATINY, ASGARD, COLUMBA). One unusual river (AMUR) and an unfamiliar actress (ANNA NEAGLE) and a couple of other more familiar dramatic characters (the BARRYMORES, SONDHEIM and IAN FLEMING).
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FT 12,626/Quark

Posted by smiffy on 28th November 2007


Just when you thought that the FT blogs had become extinct…. Apologies for going AWOL last week, when short-notice travel plans scuppered my schedule again. Incidentally, the FT puzzles seem to have become freely available online (they required a site-subscription until quite recently); for anyone who desperately needs a stash of extra puzzles, the index can be found here.

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