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Guardian 24246/Orlando – A rum clue

Posted by ilancaron on November 28th, 2007


A good puzzle to learn a few new words via clear wordplay (e.g. SATINY, ASGARD, COLUMBA). One unusual river (AMUR) and an unfamiliar actress (ANNA NEAGLE) and a couple of other more familiar dramatic characters (the BARRYMORES, SONDHEIM and IAN FLEMING).

1 COLUMB[us],A – must be a St. COLUMBA. Quite a clever construction: “Finder (and loser) of America…”
5 CON=”tory”,FAB=”cool” – my last clue: in the back of my mind is the feeling that CONFAB is a kind of chinwag.
9 AT(LAN[d])TIC – ref. ATTIC Greek I believe (the “prestige dialect of Ancient Greece”) and not the thing needing a ladder at the top of the stairs.
10 WINNER – two meanings I suppose: not sure what the “director” ref is though?
15 I,AN,FLEMING – hard getting Georges Simenon off my brain given “Belgian author” but a FLEMING is our Belgian this time.
20 ANNA N,EAGLE – ref. Kofi ANNAN (of the UN and of many eponymous coffee bars round the world) and ref. the Roman EAGLE standard (flag) I suppose. Oh, turns out she was a 30s British film actress.
22 COLLARED DOVE – ref. River DOVE in Derbyshire.
26 A,SGARD – rev(drags, a) – ASGARD must be on the way to Valhalla (or a synonym thereof?)
27 SONDHEIM – (Hedonism)* — for all I know an &lit as well! Stephen SONDHEIM is a strong proponent of cryptic crosswords in the US as well.
29 SHY,STER=rest* – I’ve always wondered if this is a kind of anti-semitic pejorative derived from Shylock??


2 LULU – ref. LULU of “To Sir with Love” fame and presumably an opera as well (?). Three meanings.
3 MANN,ERLY=lyre* – ref. Thomas (or I suppose Heinrich) MANN.
4 A,L,IKE – clever clue: “A Latin American President is just the same”. Ref. IKE Eisenhower.
8 BARRYMORES – as Spooner would say: “MARRY BORES”
11 VIENNA – ([fina]n[cier], naive)*
13 FIRST-CLASS – double definition both somewhat cryptic.
14 [w]INNER LIGHT – as in “undemanding” (LIGHT) task and I’m making a wild guess that the Quakers have a guide called… yes… the INNER LIGHT.
18 F(ERVID=drive*)LY – someone will have to tell us why FLY is “carriage”?
21 WARREN – two meanings: ref. WARREN Hastings, a Brit general I think.
24 HEAT[her] – Erica is a type of heather.
25 A,MUR=rev(rum=”remarkable”) – had to look this up: it’s a Russian river.

8 Responses to “Guardian 24246/Orlando – A rum clue”

  1. Paul says:

    Sailed through this crossword in record time with the exception of 25d, “Article about remarkable border river (4)”, which I solved as Amir – A rim backwards.
    The answer turned out to be A(mur): an Asian river between China and Russia; flows into the Sea of Okhotsk.

  2. Paul says:

    Following on from my comment, Google search on River Amir yields 837,000 results. For example:

    Already back in 1902, Russian colonel Manakin (a new pangolin species was called after him) found several fossil bones on the Chinese bank of the Amir River …

  3. Testy says:

    I would agree that Amir would have been a perfect answer…….. if the word “remarkable” hadn’t been there………. but it was.

    Michael Winner is a film director probably most noted for his series of Death Wish of films, although more recently noted for his series of [wish he was dead] car insurance adverts.

    A FLY is a carriage in the horse-and-carriage sense.

  4. Peter Chambers says:

    Michael Winner?

  5. Mismanager says:

    My first post!

    2D Lulu is an opera by Berg

    14D Quakers have no book of rules but believe that everyone should follow his or her own Inner Light. This belief that there is something of God in every man is a centrepiece of the faith.

  6. ilancaron says:

    Quite like my belief: that there is something of man in every god.

  7. Tees says:

    Lulu appeared as the Berg offering in a recent Tees puzz too – ‘He wrote Lulu letter after a bit of work’ or summink.

  8. Kimberly says:

    Fly is a word that I’ve read in classical literature e.g. The Picture of Dorian Gray which means a type of carriage.


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