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Independent 6591/Eimi – Italian Job

Posted by neildubya on November 30th, 2007


Nice puzzle from The Editor with a theme that revealed itself in two parts for me: first, cities then Italian cities. Plaudits for getting so many in, especially when so many of them end in awkward letters like I and O.

8 IN,I,MIR< – looks like the second I is indicated by A?
11 (LONG)* in BOA
12 even letters from “cAbOt’S aTlAs” – AOSTA was only town/city I didn’t know but it’s easy to get from the wordplay.
13 (LA PAZ IS E)* – not sure if LA is actually part of the anagram fodder, given that it appears in the clue and answer – not that it makes much difference. Liked the clue though.
19 AS,SIN in CO – I liked “comparatively ugly” for AS SIN (“ugly as sin” – geddit?)
21 C,(A GIRL)* in AI
29 BERGAMO[-t]
30 EN in VICE – an EN is half an em, which is a measurement in printing used for spacing.
3 ARGAL[-i] in NEE[-d] – this was a guess as NEAR GALE was a new phrase to me and I’d also never heard of Argali sheep.
5 GI[-r]L,LIE – another spelling of Ghillie.
9 [-ta]IWAN – the last one I filled in and for a while I thought I wasn’t going to get it.
11 BA,SIC – a computer language, rather than a human one.
14 [-m]IDI – with I?I it can only really be IDI but I didn’t know what the garment was supposed to be, although Midi seemed plausible enough.
18 [OT for I]AGO
20 (MANAGERS)* – another guess. SEMARANG looked a bit more convincing than SAMERANG or SAMARENG, although all 3 look reasonable enough now I come to think of it. Better make that a lucky guess.
22 (CAROL I)* – I think I must have come across LORICA in another puzzle somewhere.
23 BOR[-e] in INN – this was very good. Here’s the clue: “Congenital dullard has 25% reduction for hotel accommodation”. It took me a while to split up “congenital dullard” and longer still to work out what “hotel accommodation” was all about.

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  1. nmsindy says:

    Yes, impressive to fit all those in every single across answer. Made the puzzle hard. The ‘midi’ is a close relative of the ‘mini’ (skirt) so I’d no problems with that.

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