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Financial Times 12,628 by Bradman

Posted by Pete Maclean on December 1st, 2007

Pete Maclean.

A good, challenging and satisfying puzzle which like most from Bradman is a little on the tough side for a daily FTer. Challenging enough in fact that I have yet to complete the bottom left corner.

1. MISERY – MERRY (jolly) with one R removed (not right) and IS inserted. I have come across people who consider it wrong to use a series of blanks in a clue as seen here. I have no problem with the technique and it fits well here.
4. TRIBUNAL – BUN (item of food) in TRIAL (test)
9. TIMID – TIM (boy) + ID (girl backwards)
10. GESTATION – GE (E.G. around) + STATION (Paddington). If I understand this clue correctly, one might object to the fact that “say” performs a dual role, first that of providing the EG and second that of indicating Paddington is an example of what is required to follow.
11. VENISON – anagram of IN OVENS
12. TOUGHEN – UGH (exclamation of disgust) + E (English) in TON (French fashion)
13. TAIL – homophone
14. PORTRAIT – PORT (left) + RA (artist) + IT (a certain something)
17. SHREDDED – RED (angry looking) + D (daughter) in SHED (hut)
19. ARAL – A (a) + R (river) + A (a) + L (lake). I have a particular liking for clues that, like this one, consist of a list of words or phrases.
24. APPLIED – A (a) + PP (president repeatedly) + LIED (fibbed)
25. STREAMLET – REAM (lots of paper) + L (left) in STET (leave it)
26. ERASE – ERAS (times) + E (minimal energy)
28. MODERN – MODE (method) + RN (sailors)

1. MOTIVATE – MOT (something motorist pays for) + VAT (tax) in IE (that is)
2. SEMANTICS – anagram of SCAN ITEMS
3. RADISH – RA (artist) + DISH (something to eat)
5. RISE TO THE BAIT – anagram of BE HOT IRATE ITS. This is an &lit! And the kind of clue that separates the pros from the rest of us.
6. BRAVURA – BRA (undergarment) + V (very skimpy) + URA[ls] (40% of a range)
8. LINING – IN (home) in LING (heather)
15. TERMINATE – ERMINE (fur) intermingled in TAT (rubbishy stuff)
16. BLUDGEON – anagram of DOUBLE AGENT with EAT removed
18. RECLAIM – RE (monarch overthrown) + CLAIM (land)
21. SPEEDO – cryptic definition. “Speedo” means speedometer here and camera refers to a speed camera. Difficult to my mind because I am not familiar with the use of this abbreviation but then again it is not so difficult because nothing else fits and the word springs to mind as it is familiar as a brand name.

2 Responses to “Financial Times 12,628 by Bradman”

  1. Bradman says:

    Thank you Pete for the feedback. No double duty of e.g. by the way. The ? does the exemplification biz for Paddington

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Ah, please forgive me for not seeing that. I was, by the way, considering the possibility of “bear” as well.

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