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Guardian 24250 / Rufus

Posted by tilsit on 3rd December 2007


Greetings and apologies for the delay.

While in hospital recently I managed to have a serious problem with my laptop which meant that my PC Doctor had to reformat the hard disk and onsequently I lost all my documents, stored email,  mail addresses, passwords, etc.  Yesterday I managed to get a replacement password but it wouldn’t let me back into the site afterwards.  Thanks to Neil W for sorting it out. 

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Independent 6593 by Dac

Posted by NealH on 3rd December 2007


After a really tough puzzle by Tees last week, I was relieved to find this one was a little easier. I even had some time to read the paper (although most of the news was so depressing it made me wish the puzzle had been harder). Read the rest of this entry »

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Private Eye/Cyclops 353 – 3 Cities

Posted by beermagnet on 3rd December 2007


When I solved this I particularly enjoyed it.  That could be because I found a bit of piece a quiet and finished it uninterrupted for a change, but it is a solid product from Mr C.
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