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Guardian 24250 / Rufus

Posted by tilsit on December 3rd, 2007


Greetings and apologies for the delay.

While in hospital recently I managed to have a serious problem with my laptop which meant that my PC Doctor had to reformat the hard disk and onsequently I lost all my documents, stored email,  mail addresses, passwords, etc.  Yesterday I managed to get a replacement password but it wouldn’t let me back into the site afterwards.  Thanks to Neil W for sorting it out. 

Now where was I?  Yesterday’s Rufus puzzle.  Not as much fun as a normal Rufus puzzles and one clue rather made me feel a bit uncomfortable.  Some nice anagtrirams and the usual clever cryptic definitions, although I thought 15a a bit contrived though I can see what the clue was trying to achieve, it sort of missed the mark for me, personally.  Would liked to have seen the anagrams spread throughout the puzzle a bit more, but that’s a small point.

Solving time: 11 minutes


1  HOLY WAR   (CD)

5  ARNOLD       A RN + OLD  Rugby being Rugby School    Dr Thomas Arnold its most famous Headmaster.


12 PARADE GROUND (CD)  Nice clue.

15 APOCRYPHAL    LAY CHAP PRO (*)  See above

17  RAN  Hidden answer

19 AID    A + I’D


22 INTRANSIGENT    RENTING ISN’T (*) Another really clever clue attached to a smart definition.

26  ORGIES      RISE + GO (*)

27    BARBECUE   (CD)  

28   SIT-UPS      I PUT (*) inside S S  (On board [ship])

29  TALENTS     Double def.  A talent is a biblical measure of money.


1 HAFT   H +  AFT

2 LAUD   Homophone of Lord

3 WISEACRE      WISE (perceptive) + ACRE  (Middle-eastern seaport)



18  CANNIBAL  Hmm…..

21  WAKE UP    New one on me.  See Chambers def (2).  WAKE is the spray generated by a moving ship.

25  PEWS  (CD)  Nice clue –  form being a type of seat.

7 Responses to “Guardian 24250 / Rufus”

  1. Berny says:

    Cannot understand reasoning for 13 across

  2. Berny says:

    Despite the above query, a tightly clued and very cleverly contructed crossword

    Well done, Puck

  3. Fletch says:

    This placeholder is for comments about yesterday’s Rufus Berny, not today’s.

  4. ilancaron says:

    CANNIBAL is no doubt politically quite incorrect but… nonetheless quite amusing given the snooker misdirection…

  5. Struggler says:

    Hey, what’s a bit of incorrectness between Rufus fans? I enjoyed this one — completed it all very quickly, then came here to look for deconstructions of the less obvious halves of some clues, then (stalled by the temporary placeholder) went back to the newspaper and deconstructed them all for myself.

  6. Struggler says:

    Er… having looked again, I must confess that I hadn’t unravelled the inner workings of 28 across.

  7. Tilsit says:

    It’s an anagram of I PUT inside SS
    (i.e. On board Ship)

    See abbreviation of S S.

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