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Beelzebub 928/Phi (25-11-07)

Posted by neildubya on December 7th, 2007

11 PROO[-f] – PROOfing something is a form of protection and PROO (or “pruh”) is a Scottish word used to direct or summon cattle.
13 E,MEN in EAST
14 (POTTER A GENIE)* – PRENEGOTIATE. With POTTER being part of the anagram, “harry” must have been irresistible as the anagram indicator.
17 RI in RUNG – RI is Rhode Island.
18 E,I,N E in NITS< – “eccentricity” has to be E but it’s not in the dictionaries I currently have access to. I assume it’s in Chambers but it seems like an odd thing to abbreviate.
21 HAR[-e] in MATAI – MATA HARI went in fairly quickly but the clue itself took a bit of working out.
23 WIT,HES – I think this is right. A WITHE can be a number of things but one of them is a handle for a tool, designed to lessen shock. I guess that counts as “protections for hands”.
25 (A MALAISE TOO C)* – Here’s how this clue got solved:

Me: What can a vitamin D deficiency cause?
MrsD (a nurse): Umm, rickets?
Me: not enough letters. What’s the medical term for rickets?
MrsD: Rickets. That is the medical term.
[Cut to same scene 15 minutes later].
Me: Sorry?
MrsD: The medical term for rickets! Did I get it? I did, didn’t I? I helped you with your puzzle. Are you going to mention me on the blog?

31 GRAVE,L L in BIND – this is the slightly surreal definition from “more blind or dim-sighted than sand-blind and less than stone-blind”. I might try those terms out next time I go to the optician.
2 hidden in “regulAR ARSonist” – “the focus” (indicating the hidden element) had me completely fooled, and as a consequence, this was the last answer I filled in.
3 (SEE THE CASINO)* – COENESTHESIA. I think “Las Vegas” in the clue is meant to stand for the US as a whole, and thus indicate an American word. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for it though.
4 HUM,(ETC)*
8 AL[-l],OK,RIAN/NAIR – I think KALORIAN is right but I haven’t nailed all of the wordplay. “Indian people not quite entirely correct, keeping up Indian languages.” The bit I’m not sure about is whether NAIR or RIAN could be “Indian languages”, unless I’ve parsed this incorrectly.
11 P in (PROSPER WET)* – PEPPERWORTS. “Ground” is deceptive anagram indicator here.

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  1. petebiddlecombe says:

    8D: KOLARIAN – the Munda group of languages, which turn out to be from India. (NAIR,AL(l),OK) reversed. The Nair are a people of Kerala with one of those “I want to know more about this!” def’s that Chambers does so well. Very hard to solve without C, and a particular ‘people’ and ‘language’ are so often turn out to be the same word that your ‘wrong end’ choice for the def is extremely forgivable. In this case, if C is accurate, there are no Koralian people, and the Nair don’t speak Nair.

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