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FT 12,635/Sleuth

Posted by smiffy on December 7th, 2007


A well-balanced, but not too daunting puzzle. Just what the Doctor ordered for the morning-after-the-office-party, in my case.

1 UN,OBTR(U)SI,VE(-t) – Phew, glad we got that three-line, thirteen word clue out of the way at the first time of asking.
10 CRIM(PL)E,NE – I’m never quite sure whether “Tyneside”=NE is referring to the Newcastle postcode or just the North-East in general….
12 O(TAG)O – is the region. Do the Kiwis call them states, like the Ozzies?
13 R(HEN,IS)H – I suspect that there is a less clunky alternative to “outskirts of Redditch” to denote RH.
24 REALITY TV (Let it vary)*
26 S(ART)ORIAL – (sailor)*. Took me longer to figure out the wordplay than the answer.

1 UPSTAIRS – double def, and a good’un to boot.
2 OLD TIMER – “Hunter” is/was a type of watch.
8 BR,ETON – An original, cross-Channel usage of “Celt”. I instinctively started working through Irish/Scottish terms.
16 CITY(DE)SK – Ed(rev) in (Sticky)*
19 M(A,RM)ITE – “jolly”=Royal Marine. Factoid Alert: I believe that Marmite is actually named after the French word for the type of jar that it comes in.
20 SN(A,R(L)U)P – Kudos for creating a double container/contents clue with only six words!
22 D(V)O,RAK(-e) – but I suppose the crossing letters _V_R_K are something of a giveaway.

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