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Guardian 24254/Taupi

Posted by linxit on December 7th, 2007


I’m a bit short of time today so this will be a less detailed than usual entry. Apologies in advance etc…

1 LITTLE TOE – I put in LITTLE PIG at first, which didn’t help with 4 and 5 down, the last two I got!
11 DE(PORT)MENT – “Make nuts” is a great def for DEMENT.
12 SEMI – (t)IMES reversed.
17 AND/OR,R.A. – pretty clever, assuming that the / on its own really does mean and/or.
25 NINETIETH – “top of the house” being 90, the highest number in bingo.

1 L(UC)ID – UC = upper case, i.e. cap(ital)s.
2 T(RUM,PC)ARD – “up bother” = DRAT reversed.
4 TOTEMIC – (Oct time)*
8 DI(S-SIDE)NT – I’m not keen on clues that use stuttering in the wordplay. Just strikes me as lazy, even though the worst offenders are probably Azed and Araucaria!
14 FLAGRANCE – change the first R of FRAGRANCE to L.
21 FE(N,C)E
23 CONCH(i.e.) – conchie is slang for a conscientious objector.

6 Responses to “Guardian 24254/Taupi”

  1. Mick H says:

    I had LITTLE PIG at first too, but TOE is a more precise fit. I felt exactly the same way about Andorra – it looks like a great clue, but I have a nagging feeling that / means or, rather than and/or. That’s why there’s a / in “and/or” – it means “and or or”. Enough of that though!

  2. Fletch says:

    Another one who went for little pig first off, glad to see I was in good company!

  3. Shirley says:

    Any idea why 19D is “leather” apart from the fact it’s a hide?

  4. AlanR says:

    It’s hidden in awhiLE AT HEReford.

  5. Shirley says:

    Thanks a lot Alan – we spent ages trying to work it out

  6. jetdoc says:

    I got LITTLE TOE straight away, but thought the clue was a bit lacking in subsidiary indication, so didn’t write it in until I’d solved a few down clues.

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