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Guardian Genius Puzzle 53 / Locum One man’s homophone….

Posted by tilsit on 9th December 2007


Solving time: 24 minutes.

 One I tackled while in hospital.  Although it wasn’t the most satisfying of puzzles, it held me while I worked out whether each of the homophone double answers could be worse than the previous one.  The preamble called them “exact or cheeky”; I could think of alternative names for them, most would be unprintable here.

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Azed 1853: Liberté, Egalité, Sororité

Posted by jetdoc on 9th December 2007


A mixed bag of clues from Azed this week — some that were pretty easy, and a few that held me up for a while. I had to think hard about 31a, and I’m still not sure about 27a and 9d.

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