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Guardian Genius Puzzle 53 / Locum One man’s homophone….

Posted by tilsit on December 9th, 2007


Solving time: 24 minutes.

 One I tackled while in hospital.  Although it wasn’t the most satisfying of puzzles, it held me while I worked out whether each of the homophone double answers could be worse than the previous one.  The preamble called them “exact or cheeky”; I could think of alternative names for them, most would be unprintable here.

The Guardian suffers from a problem with the Genius in that if it’s too hard, people complain, so finding “easier” advanced puzzles must be difficult.  For me, this just didn’t work, although there were one or two nice clues.


 5,8   HARASS + TOTAL (ARISTOTLE)  Presumably “cheeky”

9,29 SYLLABUB + LACK  (CILLA BLACK) Presumably “cheeky” –  I just don’t get this clue.   B -Bubbly Liverpool Lass is the definition.   If it was supposed to be a stammer that would make it  C-CILLA B-BLACK  To be without =  Lack   Is “syllabub” a “milk punch”?

23,1 KAPPA CEILIDH  (CAPERCAILLIE)  “Exact” homophone  This works OK

32,26 ANGLE EIDER (HANG GLIDER)  “Cheeky”  Clue doesn’t really read.


3,10  IDLE EYES (IDOLISE)  “Cheeky”



11  ILLS      (H)ILLS

12 SNACK   N inside SACK – What say you of this?  “Bagged” to mean put inside sack.

13 SPEY      P inside SEY  Not sure how  SEY = large part of eg Galloway

18 ANTIPODES   Anagram of DESPERATION minue ER (Queen)

20 PROCREATE  Anagram of PRATE inside CORE

25  TORC   O inside the odd letters of T h R a C e  –  liked this clue.

27  IBIS    I  +  BIS (twice in music)


34  EN MASSE   Anagram of MAN inside ESSE 


1   CUTTING    Two defs.

2  INTEL   Anagram of NET inside IT

3  HOSANNA     SO reversed inside HANNA(H)

5  HELLCAT   .  Presume it’s LL (Lines) inside  HECAT (a witch from MacBeth) – not keen on the container indicator.

6 RYAL   Hidden answer

7 STUMPED UP    MP inside anagram of SUET PUD

14  CLARY      R inside CLAY

15 SPOKE    P inside  SOKE – an old name for part of Peterborough

17 APOCRYPHA  Anagram of PAPARCHY (not a word in Chambers!) plus O (half of OT)  Nice  clue.

19  NUT    The N.U.T. is the Teachers’ Union.

21  ALIENOR    Purists might find the “in” surplus to requirements

22  EPERDUE  anagram of PRUDE inside E E – clever

28  BOGUS   GO rev inside BUS

30  BARM     BAR + M

4 Responses to “Guardian Genius Puzzle 53 / Locum One man’s homophone….”

  1. jetdoc says:

    Well done, Dave, for suppressing the cringe response long enough to write this blog. I solved this OK, but was mainly unimpressed (though the editor’s column on the Guardian site implies that even the setter thought some of these were pushing it a bit).

    Chambers defines syllabub as ‘a dish of cream curdled (e.g. with wine), flavoured and frothed up; anything frothy or insubstantial’. So I suppose ‘milk punch’ is on the margins of acceptability.

  2. Matthew says:

    According to the , SEY is “the part of a carcase of beef extending from the shoulder to the loin”. I’m pretty sure it’s in Chambers, but I don’t have a copy available at the moment.

  3. jetdoc says:

    Yes, it is in Chambers: ‘part of a carcase of beef incl the sirloin’.

  4. tilsit says:

    Funnily enough I knew about the meaning of SEY (see the splendid Listener Crossword “Frankly Mr Shankly ___________ by Meursault) but hadn’t made the link to Galloway.


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