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FT 12,639/Cinephile – Slugs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails…

Posted by smiffy on December 12th, 2007


Even though the “theme” is pretty obvious, on immediate inspection of the clues, the category itself (boys’ names) is pretty expansive.  So it still took me a few minutes to figure out the last couple of four-letter ones.

4 BRAD,SHAW – the eponymous post-war “Bible” of railway schedules. I think its disappearance more or less coincided with the rise to notoriety of the “British Rail sandwich”, sometime in the 60s/70s.
9 G(ERA)LD – the “Good Lord” container had me initially putting in Geramy. But it was tentative and soon corrected, fortunately.
12 NU,MIN(O)US – “new” + love in minus
15 LIAM (mail) rev
20 TI,MOTHY – I couldn’t help but enjoy the neologism mothy for “insect-like”.
21 JOHN – ref J. Bull
30 S,TRIDENT – I still can’t make up my mind whether or not I approve of these stuttering clues (“s-submarine weapon”).  Everything in moderation I suppose….

1 RE(GIN)AL,D(-ig)
2 BE,RIMBAU(-d) – this “Brazilian instrument” was unknown to me but, having spotted Rimbaud early doors, it was a pretty confident guess.
3 ROLAND – ref the old knock-knock joke…Who’s there?….Roland Butter.
5 (-a)RYAN – the last one to go in for me.
7 HU(BER)T – The most obscure of our three Berts today. “Last month’s end” = (Novem)BER.  In his youth, Smiffy lived in the only parish in the UK named after St Hubert.
17 BILL,FOLD – a tricksy one, as (uniquely for this puzzle) the “boy” here is only part of the wordplay, rather than the entire answer.
18 LON,GACRE – (grace)*. An &-lit, supposedly. Although I don’t recall it being synonymous with “grace”.
24 SA(MU)EL – Mu in leas(rev)
27 SEAN – hidden. But took me an inordinate amount of time to spot, because I became mildly obsessed with the (superfluous) word “discipline” in the clue.

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