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Guardian 24,259 Paul : If it wisnae for your Wellies, where wud you be ?

Posted by neildubya on December 13th, 2007


Apologies for lateness – wrote a whole entry this morning and lost it. Baaad IT bloke – didn’t save my work as I went along.

In the end – really quite a straight puzzle for Paul. 



10 TH(REEF)EET – “The film” is “The E.T”

12 Left out because we don’t publish all answers here. Hint : It’s an anagram 

 13 WEED – Trad. Crossword Fodder

14 WELLING-TON (BOOT) S – Welling as in tears welling up – a boot upfield is a punt – Ocean is Tons ? (help !)

16 Another one I’ll leave OUT in this POST


19 PEPPER-CORN : Yes, corns are painful and Pepper is a type of spray

24 COUNTER – didn’t work out the wordplay here

26 EX-CEL(L)




2 SI-MP-L-EST : “siest(a)” wrapped around MP and L

3 Could easily say I was leaving it as an exercise for the reader, but I didn’t get it.

4 MISSPELT – anagram of 2 down

5 UNCOOL (man !)

6 Straightforward anagram left out of solution

7 O-RIEN-T-EXPRESS : Rien is French for nothing – the rest is not a Mystery, even though the book is.

8 Didn’t get it despite having all the letters – must be going wordblind


17 PAR-O-DIED – “All lived = Zero died” is a common crossword idiom

 18 ALEWIVES = tricky anagram I thought


21 CAR(BONDI-OX-ID)E : Bondi as in beach. Inspiration as in Breathing.  Ahhhh!


9 Responses to “Guardian 24,259 Paul : If it wisnae for your Wellies, where wud you be ?”

  1. Shirley says:

    3D is HAZEL. Haze is a mist; L = lake and the whole thing is a tree.

  2. Mousy Nona says:

    3D is HAZE-L(ake)

    8D is REDS UNDER THE BED (end deterred Bush*). Apocalyptic is a new anagram pointer to me.

  3. conradcork says:

    24 across. It’s the thought that counts they say, so a thought is a counter.

  4. Stan says:

    D’oh ! I’m not going to whinge about any of those – all perfectly fair. Thanks for rescuing me.

  5. muck says:

    16ac: haha Stan. But thanks for filling in my missing answers

  6. cloudypiss says:

    8dn: anagram of ‘end deterred bush’ = reds/under/the/bed – feared in the cold war

    hazel – our last answer – but obvious

  7. Stan says:

    Does anyone have a convincing full explanation for 14a ?

  8. Geoff says:

    14A: Definition is ‘Those on 22′ (ie FEET); ‘leaking’ = WELLING, ‘punt’ = BOOT (ie propel) ‘consumed in’ = word inserted in, ‘an ocean’ = TONS (both hyperbolic expressions for ‘a lot’)

    What a lovely crossword! Well up to usual Paul standards, even without a theme. 24A is very clever, I enjoyed the unusual charade for 21, 25 and even his straigtforward anagrams have some excellent surfaces – OARLESS and ALEWIVES, for example (fortunately I knew the latter word, so the solution came to me immediately).

  9. Geoff says:

    Further to my ‘explanation’ of 14A it might be useful to point out that ‘leaking’, ‘punt’ and ‘ocean’ all have associations with water – hence giving a slight but distinctive allusion towards the solution. Paul is one intelligent and imaginative compiler.

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