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Independent 6603/Phi

Posted by John on 14th December 2007


I found this unusually difficult for Phi, but perhaps that’s just because of my own incompetence. Certainly several clues that eluded me at first were simple enough when the answer eventually came. No doubt there’s a Nina somewhere, but I can’t see it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 6598/Bannsider

Posted by neildubya on 14th December 2007


A very good (and tough in places) puzzle with an unusual theme: the top and bottom rows read OUR COUNTRY WEE ONE ENGLAND NIL. See 21a for a full explanation as to what this means. I think OUR COUNTY WEE is a reference to the Northern Ireland fanzine “Our Wee Country”. As an Englishman, this puzzle dug up some hitherto deeply buried memories for me, although I have to say that recent results have demonstrated that England were more than capable of sinking far lower than being beaten by 17a. Great puzzle, though. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 49 – CHANGING PLACES by Loda

Posted by Hihoba on 14th December 2007


Good  Crossword by Loda! Ten countries  with new names had to be written as their old names in the grid, and ten old names had to be substituted for their new names before the clues could be solved, which explains the title.
Unusually, I spotted the theme after solving only two clues. A record for me! I confess to Googling for old/new pairs as Geography was never my strong suit. I used, which led to a problem understanding the clue for Myanmar, as they have mis-spelled it Mayanmar. I should have been wary as they also have countries called Hollad and Sam!!
Solving time :About 1 hour for the bulk, then another hour or more to sort out the final details for this blog! Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24260/Brendan – The Sound of Musicians

Posted by ilancaron on 14th December 2007


I always feel more intelligent after solving a Brendan puzzle — I think it’s because he is fair, challenging and there’s a clever nina or theme which is always gratifying to identify. Anyway, this time it’s homophones of musicians (5D).

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