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Independent 6603/Phi

Posted by John on December 14th, 2007


I found this unusually difficult for Phi, but perhaps that’s just because of my own incompetence. Certainly several clues that eluded me at first were simple enough when the answer eventually came. No doubt there’s a Nina somewhere, but I can’t see it.

6 Presumably CATO. Is it simply C(inem)ATO(graphy)? Seems rather odd, but perhaps it’s OK. A sort of variation on a hidden clue.
10 MUT(ARR)E, all rev.
11 AIL(I’S)ARB, all rev.
12 MET T(i)LE
13 SCATTERBRAIN. If you scatter “brain” you get “in bar”. I like this clue.
19 CAN surrounding (KIT)*. Are catkin flowers? I thought the word was singular. No, I’m wrong: Chambers (which seems to be Phi’s dictionary) says “… tuft of small unisexual flowers …”
20 LA(WREN)CE. Pity if Lawrence is only remembered mainly for the earthiness of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, not his greatest.
22 BOUDOIR I think. I can get as far as (DUO B) rev. O I, but how does Phi get that final R? Surely not simply by “found in bedroom”, i.e. one of the letters of “bedroom”? If that’s what he planned, then wouldn’t he have said “found in centre of bedroom”?
23 RAMCAT, which I had to look up and is evidently another word for tomcat. It’s R(A MC)AT, but why an MC is a TV host, as opposed to just a general host, I’m not quite sure.
25 E (NO.1 T REX) rev. T Rex  may not be all that familiar to younger people, but they were big in the early 70s.
2 LITE RACY. Good clue. For how long has “lite” been an acceptable word, which it now is, though it definitely wasn’t once?
4 A CHILL (NEEDS NOT)*. At first this looked like a complete anagram.
6 C (TATA rev.) ON I C
7 TA MALE. I’m not sure who Jamie Male is, and Google doesn’t help much, but the name is vaguely familiar.
8 FROM BAD TO WORSE – (Boats formed row)*
15 CATS rev. CA TO. Another of Phi’s good musical clues, wasted here. He wants to keep them for the BBC Music Magazine.
18 I AM B(est) I(n) C(lass). Is the “in regarding” not a little clumsy?
21 (ME) rev. MET. An emmet is a tourist in Cornwall, where Newquay is. Extraordinary word.

6 Responses to “Independent 6603/Phi”

  1. nmsindy says:

    B OUD

  2. nmsindy says:

    Does not like symbols! B OUD (reversed) O I R br = bedroom. Not seen it before, but it’s in Chambers. Bowled over is reversal indicator I think. 7 down – a little strange, but I think it’s just that Jamie is an example of a male. I can’t see a Nina or theme either.

  3. Phi says:

    Actually I think I meant Jaime but my typing fingers disagreed.

  4. John H says:

    Sneezed all the way through solving this, smelt a rat, found one, then noticed all the cats in the place.

  5. mick h says:

    I missed the cats too (but would have had the same reaction as John H – well done for spotting the Nina). Some fine words and clues here – I particularly liked the reversal of No1 T.REX.

  6. nmsindy says:

    Yes, I missed the CATs too, though I had noticed similarities between ALLOCATE and CATO in the first row, without seeing further. Very subtle, and very useful to have a site like this where all can be revealed.

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