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Inquisitor 49 – CHANGING PLACES by Loda

Posted by Hihoba on December 14th, 2007


Good  Crossword by Loda! Ten countries  with new names had to be written as their old names in the grid, and ten old names had to be substituted for their new names before the clues could be solved, which explains the title.
Unusually, I spotted the theme after solving only two clues. A record for me! I confess to Googling for old/new pairs as Geography was never my strong suit. I used, which led to a problem understanding the clue for Myanmar, as they have mis-spelled it Mayanmar. I should have been wary as they also have countries called Hollad and Sam!!
Solving time :About 1 hour for the bulk, then another hour or more to sort out the final details for this blog!

The list of substitutions for the clues was:
9 New Hebrides – Vanatu (not sure where the superfluous apostrophe came from!)
18 British Honduras – Belize
23 Afars and Issas – Djibouti
25 Basutoland – Lesotho
33 United Arab Republic – Egypt
36 Persia – Iran (didn’t have to look that one up!)
3 Pleasant Island – Nauru
5 South West Africa – Namibia
7 Rhodesia – Zimbabwe (didn’t have to look that one up either.)
29 Dutch East Indies – Indonesia
The ten answers substituted were:
1 B(lack)OT(books)SWAN(pen)A(ccepted) – BECHUANALAND
15 Z(izzard)+AIR(broadcast)+(jok)E – CONGO
16 ETH(the slipshod)+I(one)+OP(work dogs=follows)+I(n)+A(merica) – ABYSSINIA
28 MA(mother)+LAW(rule)+I(one) – NYASALAND
37 THAILAND (tail hand)* – SIAM
1 MY(well, as in my oh my!)+ANMA(one man’s broken)+R(ule) – BURMA
8 B+ENIN (nine reversed) – DAHOMEY
18 TAIWAN – want* containing ai (sloth) – FORMOSA
19 SRI LANKA (alas ink+r)* – CEYLON
21 GREE (dialect victory)+C(ouncil of)E(urope) – HELLAS
The remaining clues were normal. Explanations assume the substitutions above.
9 (Vanat)U+NIT
11 REG+MA – “a fruit that splits into dehiscent parts” – so there!
13 DAMAGES = compo(compensation!) – made* containing a g(rand) + s(pecial)
18 F(oreign)O(ffice)+(Be)LI(se)+C(ultivate) – Folic acid is Vitamin B9
20 SHA(has*)+H(otel)
22 My first clue solved. ARE (as in hectare) – era reversed
23 OBI – a charm, hidden backwards in Djibouti
25 NERO (actually he played the lyre!) = N(YO)+ER+(Lesoth)O
27 LEROY – name derived from Le Roi, but I have no explanation for the “servant of”
31 MESA(seam*)+L(ength) – “in or towards the medial plane or line”
33 Geoff Capes – ATHLETE = (al the)* containing ET for Egypt
35 BEG(pray)+ORRA(Scots worthless) – oh God!
36 SEN (money) round IR(an)
38 ANTE( sounds like anti)+CH(estnut)+AMBERS
2 CIS (sic reversed)+(i)S+(da)Y
3 (Naur)U+NDO (Don*)
4 A(ustralian)+BAT(mammal)+IS(lives) – a tree-felled fortification
5 NAM(ibia)+(abandon)S – nams, or naams are obsolete legalese distraints
6 LEGO is Jerry-built, LEG is on (cricket). I’m not keen on O being (b)O(g) essentially!
7 Fifth of Zimbabwe is A+GENDA (e.g. and)*
10 T(rain)O(perating)C(ompany)’S+IN(enclose)
11 R(un) + ACIAL – first letters of all . . learning
12 NA(Scots for no)+BOBS (Dylan and Geldof)
17 F(RON)T+S(un) – meaning the “side open to view”
24 INSERT – N(orthern) S(ociety) in rite*
26 OSTREA – the oyster genus. (Ro(b) eats)*
29 AERIE – High House, AE – Scots same, RI is the Vehicle code for Indonesia. I was hung up on the fact the the ISO abbreviation is ID or IDN!
30 D(ead)+EEMS (smee reversed)
32 AGEE is DRAGEE (sweet enclosing a drug – no-one ever offers me any!) with Dr. removed.
33 ARCH – double meaning
34 HA(ve)+RM (jolly is a Royal Marine) – might be a break of a leg etc.

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