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Guardian 24,255 (Sat 8 Dec)/Araucaria – Coined words

Posted by rightback on December 16th, 2007


Solving time: 21:45, one missing (17ac)

Across clues had wordplay leading to the defined answer minus a coin. The (normal) down clues weren’t too bad though so this wasn’t much more difficult than usual, though a few on the left hand side took me a while to get and 17ac defeated me. Clue of the day: 6dn.

I haven’t had any Internet access at all for the last two weeks, and I don’t think the previous Saturday’s Guardian got blogged, so sorry about that, and for this post being a day late. Normal service should resume as of now, for the time being at least.

Music of the day: Money by Pink Floyd.

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’, bold text indicates a coin omitted in the wordplay.

1 N + EURO + SIS – a fairly easy across starter.
10 SOU + P – according to Chambers, ‘soup’ means ‘stolen plate melted down’. I had guessed this, but didn’t suspect anything along those lines.
11 CH(ANGEL)ESS – an angel is a former English coin, which was new to me.
12 BOB + BIN
14 GO + R(DIME)R – a guess. Nadime Gordimer has won the Nobel Prize for Literature, as well as the Booker Prize (for The Conservationist).
15 CE + REAL
17 PE(LEU)S – I knew the Romanian currency LEU, but didn’t know Achilles’ father’s name and couldn’t think of PES for ‘foot’.
20 P + ECU + LIAR – with the final ‘r’ in place I thought the definition was probably ‘story-teller’ so struggled with this.
23 QUID PRO QUO; ROQU[efort] in P.O. (= ‘[Postal] Order’) – virtually impossible wordplay, but maybe that’s fair enough when the enumeration is so helpful.
24 BIT + E
25 ANNA + LS (= ‘learners’)
26 E(DUCAT)OR; rev. of ROE
2 TRAP; rev. of PART
3 ASH + CAN[can]
4 [ba]KED + GERE + E
6 ENISLE (hidden) – not sure if the beret reference in this clue (‘Maroon in place of green is legitimate’) was intentional or not, but hats off (ho ho) if it was. UK paratroopers wear the maroon beret, commandos the green one. My allegiances lie with the former, but I have to concede that this T-shirt is absolutely brilliant.
8 SHAGGY (double definition) – refers to the phrase ‘shaggy dog story’. This reminds me of Christopher Isherwood’s poem:

	The common cormorant (or shag) 
	Lays eggs inside a paper bag 
	You follow the idea, no doubt? 
	It is to keep the lightning out. 

	But what these unobservant birds 
	Have never thought of, is that herds 
	Of wandering bears might come with buns 
	And steal the bags to hold the crumbs.

…and back to the crossword.

16 A + P(I)ARIS + T (= ‘model’) – I hate ‘model’ = T.
19 B + RAQUE[l]
21 [s]EQUINE[d]
22 CROC + US
24 BEAR (double definition)

3 Responses to “Guardian 24,255 (Sat 8 Dec)/Araucaria – Coined words”

  1. Qaos says:

    17ac got me also. Best I could find for explaining FOOT = PES was :-)

  2. stilt says:

    I got horribly and unaccountably stuck on 6D at the end, then felt like a complete moron when I saw it. That moment of idiocy aside, had fun with this. I know Araucaria quite often has themed crosswords with undefined clues, but can’t remember seeing one with bits of missing wordplay like this; have there been others? I thought it made a nice change (and was well timed for me, because I’m just starting to dip my toe into Azed).

    I thought the “plate?” in 10 was just a nod towards soup plates, by the way.

  3. Peter Owen says:

    Re 17ac both Chambers and Collins list pes with the defintion foot. Collins adds that it is a technical name.

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