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Independent 6605 (Morph) – Some Excellent Cryptic Definitions

Posted by NealH on December 17th, 2007


This was a satisfying mix of relatively easy and difficult clues. Of particular note were 5 down, 13 across and 25 across, all of which had clever cryptic definitions.

1 Uzbekistan: (bet uk’s + nazi)*
11 Obnoxious: Didn’t get this. There’s (bono)* following “Indian trading ends”, which appears to “xious”.
13 Aladdin: (And laid)* + cryptic def (light rubber in jewellery store).
18 Comrade: Cunning &literal. Com + (dear)* and comrade being used as a non-specific form of address in the same way as “dear”.
22 Attorney General. (rotten)* in “ay” (a vote for) + general. The “for” initially looked redundant until I realized an “ay” is a vote for something.
24 Opium: “Odium” with “d” (denarius) swapped with p (pence). Odium also fits, so it’s possible I’ve misinterpreted it.
25 Ewes: Soundalike (“yous” being used dialetically in Liverpool instead of “you”) + cryptic def.
26 Close Shave: Another one I didn’t quite get. Appears to be “plane” + “sh” + “ave”, but I’m not sure why plane would be close.
2 Bristol: tol(l) on bri(dge) + “s”.
5 Auntie: “A” + untie. Cryptic def “broadcaster” for Auntie (slang for BBC).
8 Respect: “Re” + “p” in “sect”. Respect is a small political party.
15 Congress: Cryptic def with a double meaning, “union” being used in both a trade union and marital sense.
19 Derrida: (Red) reversed + id(e)a after “r”.
20 Derail: “Er” inside “Dail” (name of the Irish parliament).
21 Flambe: &lit + “lamb” replacing centre of “fire”.


5 Responses to “Independent 6605 (Morph) – Some Excellent Cryptic Definitions”

  1. neildubya says:

    11a – The SIOUX are a N American Indian tribe.

    13a – loved the cryptic def.

    24a – I think you’re right. ODIUM becomes OPIUM.

  2. Quixote says:

    The Indy has an article about crosswords today in the Media section

  3. Richard Heald says:

    26 Ac – this is actually CLOSE (= quiet street) + SHAVE (= plane vb), I think.

  4. Wil Ransome says:

    What a good crossword. I particularly liked 18A. There seems to be a Nina, but all I can work out makes it seem very feeble and it’s surely not the whole thing: INDY can be found reading down in the third column of unches, and also nearby in a zigzag leading to the other Y. Am I just trying too hard?

  5. Michod says:

    You are trying too hard, Wil – all hidden messages are coincidental!

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