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FT 12,644/Neo

Posted by smiffy on December 19th, 2007


A far later posting than anticipated. Just realised that I should probably have followed blogging best practice and posted a placeholder here earlier in the day, especially as I actually solved the thing this morning [note to self….].  Anyhoo, yer ’tis.
Smiffy-ness update: Seem that I accidentally managed to save this as a draft, rather than publish it, last night – so now the posting is even later! Apols.

6 A,ESOP – (pose)rev.  Simple enough, but I enjoyed the definition “fabulous writer”.
11 NEHRU – Not sure how though.  “Original chicken counter in popular Indian”.  Chicken counter seems to indicate “hen” reversed…
15 DIET OF WORMS -A double def of truly groan-worthy punning.
17 ROUND NUMBER – Another double def (of sorts).
22 O,W,LET
24 DUN,KIRK – The “Desperate withdrawal” of 1940.  At least it’s easier to clue than Dunkerque.
27 S(IS)AL
28 THE PRINCE (“phrenetic”)* – Niccolo = Machiavelli.  (Readers who enjoyed this book, also enjoyed Sun Tzu’s Art of War..)

1 D(R)OWN – Unless I’m mistake, “banks” is the content/container indicator.
2 SATCHMO (stomach)* –  Satchel Mouth, alias Louis Armstrong, a.k.a. “Pops”.
4 PASS THE BUCK – one of those neat literal/figurative combos.
6 AS,SAM – As in “Play it again Sam…”, or whatever it was Bogart actually said.
8 POS(T(HAS)T)E – a silky smooth surface for this double container clue.
13 SLOW BUT SURE (L,W,turbo uses)* – ditto, albeit necessitating some indirect anagram fodder this time.
14 THRENODES (shortened)*
21 AR(I)EL – I in (Lear)*

2 Responses to “FT 12,644/Neo”

  1. nmsindy says:

    I enjoyed this puzzle, which I found quite accessible. NEHRU is UR (original) and, as you suggest, HEN reversed, if I’ve read it right.

  2. Neo says:

    Thank you Smiffy, NMS.

    ‘Counter’ is used adverbially, while the idea concerning ‘river’s banks’ is meant to indicate situation of material on both sides of the R.

    This’ll be my last puzzle before Xmas, so best wishes to all here for a groovy time.

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