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Independent 6604/Nestor

Posted by neildubya on December 21st, 2007

1 (SINFUL EFFECTS I)* – SELF-SUFFCIENT. SELF was obvious but the rest took a little time to make itself apparent.
10 YUP,PIE – if I had to pick a word to sum up the 1980s it would probably be this.
11 DE CAMP – I liked this: “Go and butch up”.
12 NEG OR TIN< – quite a difficult one to parse.
16 C in (BRAVE ONES)* – OBSERVANCE. Not a tough word by any means and a fairly easy anagram to spot but this still took me a while to get. At any rate, it felt like it should have been obvious, but wasn’t.
18 C in PEER<, C in TALE – cleverly constructed clue which takes one abbreviation – C – and gets us to use it twice.
20 [-qu]EASY – one of the last couple I filled in and only because I could see what else could fit. Have just seen that “green” = queasy.
27 IPM in CHUNK – “thirteen hundred” really held me up here and even when I filled the answer in I still couldn’t explain it. Finally, the penny dropped: 1300 = 1PM = IPM.
2 UM in [-g]ENERATE – the fact that UM and ER both appear made think that these were both indicated by “I’m hesitant” but that meant the rest of the clue didn’t work.
3 hidden reversed in “prAYERFul” – FREYA is the Norse goddess of love and beauty.
5 FRI[-day],ENDS
7 ESP,ION,AGE – “special intuition” for E[xtra] S[ensory] P[erception] and the definition was enough to get this.
8 T,WINE – “tent” is a deep red wine.
13 TURNER PRIZE – filled this in without understanding the clue but looking at it now, “lather” looks to be doing the deception work here as it means “some who operates a lathe”, which could also be a TURNER.
17 AS,HEWN in CUT – at first I couldn’t understand the wordplay here as I thought that “when chopped” was (WHEN)*, which left AS unaccounted for. Later spotted that “when chopped” is AS HEWN.
22 A,DEPT[-h]

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