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Azed 1855 – better late than never

Posted by linxit on December 24th, 2007


I found this one fairly straightforward, as Azeds go. A fairly low percentage of obscure words meant I wasn’t flicking through Chambers as much as I usually do (or maybe my vocabulary’s finally improving!). There were a couple of glitches – unless I’m mistaken there’s a comp. anagram that doesn’t work, and in the online grid the number 24 appears in mid-word before 23 (although the numbering isn’t messed up as a result). Trying to copy Jane and others with a new layout today.


1 VENDISS – IS in VENDS. A freshwater fish, usually spelt VENDACE.
6 PHOCA – HOC (Latin for “this”) in PA. Actually it’s just a seal these days, but Spenser thought it was a scaly sea monster.
10 OVEREAT – 0 + ERE (before) in VAT
11 FLOR – L in FOR. “In the character of” is one of the meanings of “for” in Chambers, “bottles” is the containment indicator. Flor is a yeasty growth which forms on the surface of sherry during fermentation.
12 WATER-GILDING – ATERG (great*) in WILDING. A wilding is a garden plant that has grown wild (also called an escape). Nice use of the “lift and separate” technique.
16 STAGE – first letters of Early Gibbet At Tyburn Say, reversed.
18 CONJEE – CON (do), JEE (the Scots stir). A bit nasty to have the J unchecked when it can also be spelt with a G, but JEE meaning stir can’t.
19 SOLERA – roseal*
20 ANCONS – NCO (Corp., i.e. non-commissioned officer) in SAN*. A new meaning of console for me – it’s an ornamental device used to support a cornice. The usual plural is ancones, but the SOED gives both. I knew that purchase would pay for itself one day!
22 DARKIE – ARK in DIE – best avoided indeed; I expect there may have been a few letters to the editor over this one!
24 RIBOSE – BO in RISE. The bo tree or pipal is the holy tree of the Buddhists. Strange bit of indexing in Chambers to put the main entry between Botox and botryoid rather than at bo.
25 TIDAL – hidden in fetid algae.
29 ITALIAN SIXTH – A type of musical chord, and presumably sei is Italian for sixth.
30 STIR – T in SIR
31 RESTIVE – (Evert is)*.
32 METER – METE (limit), R. I liked the emphasis on really, implying that we all do it anyway!


1 VOWESS – OWES in VS (versus). An old word for a nun.
2 NETS – double definition, mixing football and cricket.
3 DREDGE-BOX – DR(ive), EDGE, BOX. It’s a box with a perforated cap for sprinkling the contents.
4 SAGY – G in SAY. The meaning of “say” used is “a voice, part, or influence in a decision”.
5 STICCADO – S, TICCA, DO – ticca is Hindi for hired (nothing to do with tikka!), and a sticcado is a kind of xylophone.
6 PULMONATA – PULMONA (lump on a)*, (i)TA. The list of palm trees is one of the more well-thumbed pages in my copy of Bradford’s.
7 OLID – (s)OLID – rank as in smelly.
9 ARGUES – usager*
13 STORIETTE – TORI (receptacles) inside SETTE(r)
14 SERASKIER – ARES (Greek god of war) rev, SKIER (shot aloft, i.e. a cricket shot that goes straight up). A seraskier is a Turkish war minister.
15 ENCRINITE – hmm, broken comp. anag? (in Cerne giant)* gives “an encrinite” plus an odd G which remains unaccounted for. Or am I missing something?
21 TRUISM – RU (sport) in MIST*.
23 ELCHEE – hidden in “vessEL, CHEEred.” Turkish again.
26 WAIT – A(fternoon) in WIT
27 KNEE – K, NEE. The French née is feminine, hence “born of the opposite sex”.
28 IXIA – XI (cricket team) in the middle two letters of BIAS.

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