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Financial Times 12,642 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on December 28th, 2007

Pete Maclean.

A fairly standard Cincinnus puzzle this week with at least one great clue (3D) and one that I do not understand the workings of (26D).

1. THE WASP FACTORY – anagram of OF CREW THAT PAYS. “The Wasp Factory” is a book by Iain Banks — not that I had ever heard of either title or author. I figured it had to be either THE WASP FACTORY or PET WASH FACTORY and a quick google confirmed the former.
10. HORSE – double definition with a sneakily good surface
11. SIMULATOR – anagram of LITMUS OR A
12. TRESTLE – anagram of LETTERS
13. ROMANOV – ROMAN (Pompey the Great, say) + OV (over half)
14. PLUMB – homophone
16. CUTTING IN – double definition
19. CONSENSUS – homophone (cons’ census)
20. ERASE – A (article) in ERSE (Gaelic)
22. ACCUSED – A (a) + CC (cricket club) + USED (employed)
25. AUCTION – AU (gold) + anagram of COT IN
27. SNAKE EYES – double definition
28. RATES – tRuAnT fEeS

2. HARLEQUIN – HARE (run) around L (lake) + QUIN (one of 5)
3. WHEAT – E (energy) in WHAT (eh)
4. SESTERCES – anagram of CERES SETS
5. FEMUR – EMU (bird) in FR (father)
6. COLUMBINE – COMBINE (wed) with LU (Lake Superior) inserted
7. ORTON – hidden word
8. YEREVAN – ERE (before) in NAVY (sailors) backwards
9. SHUT UP – double definition
15. BEERSHEBA – BEER (bitter) + SHE (female) + BA (graduate)
17. TASMAN SEA – MAN (chap) in TASS (new agency) + EA (Eastern area)
18. GLADIATOR – GLAD (happy) + I (infantry) + A (vanguard) + TOR (hill)
19. CLASSIC – LASS (girl) + I (one) in CC (leaders of cross country)
21. ERNEST – homophone (earnest)
23. CHAIR – double/cryptic definition
24. DOYEN – DO (suit) + YEN (foreign currency)
26. CORPS – ???. I do not understand the wordplay here — but see the Comments section

2 Responses to “Financial Times 12,642 by Cincinnus”

  1. eimi says:

    26D seems to be a double definition, using the possessive of an abbreviation of corporal (an NCO).

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Aha! Thank you.

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