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Independent 6614/Dac

Posted by Colin Blackburn on December 28th, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

Considering some of the tough and thematic puzzles this week this was a nice easy end to the week with no themes or hidden messages (famous last words!)

It was the usual high standard from Dac. A couple of less familiar terms were clued very fairly.

1 POLYGLOT — L in POLY+GOT — POLY is short for polytechnic. All UK polytechnics have since 1992 been universities.
10 AUTO — alternate letters of VALUATION
11 STEVIE WONDER — (REVIEW DOESN’T)* — excellent anagram. Stevie Wonder is a US singer, one of Motown’s first artists.
14 FIRMAN — FIRM+AN — new word for me though I think it was hiding in a crevice somewhere in my brain. A FIRMAN is a royal mandate or decree of the Ottoman Empire.
15 SUN CREAM — UN in SCREAM — tanner is a misleading reference to an old sixpenny coin used in the LSD system.
19 INGRID — IN GRID — ha ha!
20 COMPANION SET — COMPANION + SET — a COMPANION SET is a set of fireside implements usually comprising a poker, tongs, small shovel and a hearth brush. These days they are often decorative rather than functional.
24 INDIAN FILE — IAN in INFIDEL*— a term apparently arising from the native American practice or riding in single file. IAN is one of a hadnful of Scotsmen to rutn up in crosswords.
27 ROOTLESS — ROOTLE+SS — I think rootle is an excellent word. The surface here was particularly good.
2 OKRA — OK+R+A — aka Ladies’ Fingers or Bhindi.
3 YACHTSMAN — (MAY SNATCH)* — excellent anagram using wave as a noun to provide an excellent surface and as a verb to direct us to make the jumble.
6 LINCOLNS INN — “Lincoln’s in” — one of the Inns or Court in London.
7 CHARD — CHAR(re)D — chard is an excellent vegetable. My partner grows lots of it in its full variety of colours.
12 VINDICATION — V-INDICATION — V-sign is superb word play here.
16 REGRETFUL — EGRET+(FLU)* after R — an EGRET is a heron-like bird. There was a bird flu outbreak in the UK not long before Christmas.
22 ALAS — (g)ALAS — swimming competitions are known as galas.

6 Responses to “Independent 6614/Dac”

  1. Wil Ransome says:


    Since no poly really exists now, wouldn’t “old college” be better?

  2. Quixote says:

    what’s happened to the SATURDAY puzzle?! anybody know?

  3. Colin Blackburn says:

    Quixote: If that’s 6610 by Scorpion then it was the Indy puzzle blogged just before mine.

    Wil: There are other academic institutions in the world that still use the term polytechnic. Also, there’s at least one British university that calls itself a “polytechnic university”. However, when is not current old?

    On this matter, I’d be interested know from some of our older, ahem, more experienced, setters when they first used old to to describe LSD terms.

  4. neildubya says:

    Quixote: if you mean today’s then it hasn’t been printed in the paper. Eimi has asked for it to appear on the Indy web site and to be printed some time next week.

  5. Testy says:

    After last week’s discussions following the article in Monday 17th’s Indy I thought this was an ominous omission. Was it a simple error or was it bumped out due to lack of space (despite the fact that there was a full page of “puzzles”, which was almost entirely given over to sudokus and their ilk)? If it was due to a lack of space then it is setting a worrying precedent.

  6. nmsindy says:

    I’d put the cock-up theory ahead of the conspiracy theory here. It is the holiday period and the Sat Indy was rearranged for annual reviews etc. There is a thread on this on Derek Harrison’s Crossword Centre Message Board.

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