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Inquisitor 51 – For the record … by Eddie

Posted by petebiddlecombe on December 28th, 2007


Solving time: a couple of hours, maybe a bit less.

Experienced Inquisitor solvers will know already that Eddie (from Eddie the Eagle, referring to the Indie masthead as well as the ski-jumper) is one of Mike Laws’s pseudonyms. As a quick bit of maths based on the preamble suggested, the phrase to be found in the extra letters in wordplay is: THOUSANDTH CROSSWORD IN OUR WEEKLY SERIES. I can remember tackling the first, and although I haven’t by any means solved the lot in between, this puzzle has provided lots of pleaure over the years.

This puzzle was a fairly straightforward one as a good chunk of the phrase was obvious vry quickly. I’d like to give a thumbs-up to the “( )” spaces provided after the clue numbers for writing the extra letters in, though on my copy I slipped into old habits and put most of them on the left of the clue number too.

On to the next thousand!

3 G,LENo / O – leno = thin muslin-like fabric
4 HOuR,N.P.,OUT / U
5 sIMP,AIR / S
10 ARISTARCH = ‘severe critic’ must be answer, but I can’t see how to get (ARISTARCH+h) from “field locally set on church”
13 BEE,RoUP=pour out / O – beer-up = an Aussie boozing event
15 sEM(PI)RICAL / S – pi = ration in reclaims*
18 RAT=tar rev.,T,LINEr / R
19 S.C.,RATTLEd / D
20 PiA,CO / I – pia = a tropical plant, and a paco is an alpaca
21 NICAEAn / N – ae. = aetatis = aged, as in “aged 12″, inside ca, inside inn*.
25 SESELIw / W – SE in wiles rev. – “a plant of the genus Seseli of the Umbelliferae family”. No wonder the def. is just ‘plant’!
31 F,RATs
34 (w)AiF,FINE / I – affine (n.) = a relation, esp. by marriage. I vaguely remembered affine functions fom maths, so got this right for the wrong reason.
35 LA,LA=look twice,GEe = move to the right / E – you need to look in the ‘First Name’ part of C to find this “talkative woman”.
36 P.E.,(t)RIMEsTER / S

2 Responses to “Inquisitor 51 – For the record … by Eddie”

  1. Duncan Shiell says:

    Ref 10 – ARISH is a stubble field (defined under ARRISH) and TAR is a Shakesperian form of ‘to set on or incite’

  2. George Hill says:

    I thought the most remarkable thing was that the diagram contained no crossing first letters, hence the ability to list the clues in straight numerical order. Most unusual!

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