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Inquisitor index: 2008

Posted by HolyGhost on January 1st, 2008


Puzzles 54 – 105
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No. Title Setter Date
54 Seasonal Show Loda 05-Jan-08
55 Sloping Off Kea 12-Jan-08
56 Threesomes Lato 19-Jan-08
57 26 Across (“Dunking“) Phi 26-Jan-08
58 Eve Schadenfreude 02-Feb-08
59 Commemoration Hypnos 09-Feb-08
60 Proceedings Zero 16-Feb-08
61 Tricky Across Clues Loda 23-Feb-08
62 Choices Nutmeg 01-Mar-08
63 20 Across (“Run for It“) Schadenfreude 08-Mar-08
64 General Hospital Arachne 15-Mar-08
65 Classified Ploy 22-Mar-08
66 One Night in Bangkok? Phi 29-Mar-08
67 Dissent Hypnos 05-Apr-08
68 A Very Big Mistake Kruger 12-Apr-08
69 Progressive Consumption Schadenfreude 19-Apr-08
70 ‘Armless Fun Loda 26-Apr-08
71 At Random Charybdis 03-May-08
72 Neighbours Lato 10-May-08
73 Metamorphosis Dysart 17-May-08
74 A Quotation Schadenfreude 24-May-08
75 Classified Hypnos 31-May-08
76 Up, Up and Away Phi 07-Jun-08
77 One Too Many Raich 14-Jun-08
78 Closely Packed Kea 21-Jun-08
79 Cause and Effect Schadenfreude 28-Jun-08
80 Topical Request Loda 05-Jul-08
81 Question and Answer Quixote 12-Jul-08
82 Give and Take Lato 19-Jul-08
83 Rockery Charybdis 26-Jul-08
84 ‘Twas Ever Thus? Phi 02-Aug-08
85 Lottery Schadenfreude 09-Aug-08
86 Unfinished Business Loda 16-Aug-08
87 Squads Hypnos 23-Aug-08
88 Over and Under Obtrox 30-Aug-08
89 In the Red Kruger 06-Sep-08
90 Trick Schadenfreude 13-Sep-08
91 Open Wide Nutmeg 20-Sep-08
92 The River Loda 27-Sep-08
93 Redress Phi 04-Oct-08
94 E Numbers Raich 11-Oct-08
95 ASDN WEEHWF HEDT Schadenfreude 18-Oct-08
96 Lest We Forget Charybdis 25-Oct-08
97 Disastrous Effort Lato 01-Nov-08
98 Favourite Loda 08-Nov-08
99 The Man of the High Castle Phi 15-Nov-08
100 I Ask You! Schadenfreude 22-Nov-08
101 HKL Raich 29-Nov-08
102 Responsibility Kruger 06-Dec-08
103 The Top Ten Charybdis 13-Dec-08
104 Merry-Go-Round Eddie 20-Dec-08
105 Wartime Suspense Schadenfreude 27-Dec-08