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Independent 6619/Mordred

Posted by Colin Blackburn on January 3rd, 2008

Colin Blackburn.

This was terrible puzzle for me. The answers I have blogged are they only ones I have managed to get before deciding to submit the blog. Discussion of the missing answers will be left to the commentors.

4 BIRDSONG — (DR NO’S)* in BIG — ref a novel by Sebastian Faulks.
9 MALICE — MALI+ChilE — I assume Mali is a republic.
10 KNIGHTED — (THE KING)* + dubbeD — very nice &lit.
13 STANCE — INSTANCE – IN — “less popular” is a neat way of dropping the IN.
26 GROUNDED — GROUND+ED — I think this is right. Ground is, I think, defined by “Having scraped together two articles…”
1 BOMB SITE — IT in BOMBS+E — ref Bikini Atoll, site of an early US nuclear bomb test.
3 ONCE IN A BLUE MOON — ? + BLUE+MOON — naughty = BLUE, show bum = MOON, the rest…?
5 IONA — O in INA — Ina and Iona are both girl’s names.
6 DIGITAL COMPUTER — cryptic def.
7 OUTING — (T)OUTING — spin as in a drive in a car.
17 CRESCENT — C(ity) + (CENTRES)* —
19 SPRANG — S+PRANG — prang = car crash.

9 Responses to “Independent 6619/Mordred”

  1. nmsindy says:

    ONCE IN A BLUE MOON Had difficulty with this too. I think the girl(who “comes over” is INA and this all leads into the next clue IONA so maybe “very seldom” is definition and “at all” = ONCE but I’m far from sure. I thought KNIGHTED was top drawer too, quite a hard puzzle overall. And, unlike, some earlier Mordreds, I did not see a dedication.

  2. allybazz says:

    I enjoyed 24ac ALEHOUSE instead of (Amy) Winehouse

  3. eimi says:

    I’m guessing there’s an Alice Knight around somewhere.

  4. nmsindy says:

    There is indeed – parts of 9 and 10 across run together.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Curious, about spelling, I was told many years ago that in the sense to “do without” it was FORGO and that FOREGO (to go before, an entirely different sense) was wrong. So 20 down raised an eyebrow. Dicts confirm that Mordred is perfectly right – that spelling is now accepted.

    Fave clue after KNIGHTED was PLOVER – “Nothing to eat for extremely poor shore dweller”. There were many misleading scenarios before light finally dawned.

  6. NealH says:

    Could someone explain 25 across ? “Spinster who regrets getting old feels essentially superfluous”. I guessed correctly that the answer was “otiose”, but other than the fact that there is an “o” for old in there, I didn’t get it at all.

    Also, I guessed that 1 across was “Balboa” from the “Rocky” hint, but had no idea what it had to do with steps. However, having just checked on the internet, I see it’s actually a dance.

  7. nmsindy says:

    OTIOSE It’s from “Miss Otis regrets” – I’d never heard of it till I saw it in a crossword some years ago – it recurs from time to time.

  8. Testy says:

    The E also comes from “feEls” essentially. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen “essentially” being used to indicate the central letter of a word and it isn’t the first time I’ve had to query why? Does essence/essential/essentially mean centre/heart/core/middle? Not in my dictionaries: “essence – the qualities which make any object what it is” which would make any of the letters a potential candidate but whenever I see this used it seems to exclusively indicate the central letter. Can someone please enlighten me?

  9. Peter Swalling says:

    18 across is FLYING DOCTOR. This is probably because when ill or injured, we Australians say that we’re “crook” (and if we happened to live in the remote outback and were seriously crook, we’d give the RFDS a call).

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