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FT 12,656/Aardvark -Aalliterative Aaccolade

Posted by smiffy on January 5th, 2008


I enjoyed this puzzle, which featured several satisfyingly penny-dropping clues – primarily due to some well disguised definitions and very natural surfaces. The Cinephile cross-reference at 5D led me up a couple of blind alleys too. Just a pity that I didn’t get around to solving this until the evening (Uncle Sam Time), so was unable to post earlier in the day.

1 TICK,LE – “Flash”=in a tick; alternate letters of “clues”
4 P,ANCETTA – (can’t eat)*
10 ALL(U,V)IUM – “Stuff washing up” was a well-camouflaged definition. “Uniform” as in the phonetic alphabet letter U.
13 BOOTSTRAPS (to top brass)*
18 COVENT(-ry) GARDEN (danger)*
22 SHEPPERTON (p,the person)* – a good &lit, “Head of production involved in casting the person here?”, for these film studios.
24 MARCIANO (on,A1,c,ram) all rev. – one of my favourite of today’s penny-droppers.
25 V(EN)ICE – “Failing to barricade” was a laudably subtle container/contents device.
26 VEN(EE(R)E)D – “into drugs” here denotes the R(aider) being surrounded by Es.

1 TO(RTOIS)E – (riot)* in toe; Calabria is the metatarsal region of Italy.
2 CH,OPSU,EY -“Check”=CH, EY is Ye (“the traditional”) reversed.
5 ALLITERATION – “Cinephile’s cryptic clues could characterise this” had me barking up some wrong trees. I initially plumped for DELIBERATION, no doubt being subliminally influenced by the crossword world’s tribal use of “Libertarian” for Araucaria/Cinephile. Ironically, I eventually realised that the setter’s name is actually superfluous, other than for tribute purposes!
7 TAI,WAN – Initial letters of “test an Indian”.
8 AT MOST (Sat Tom)* – “Tops” was a niftily efficient definition.
14 A,C,CO(MP)LICE – Military “Policeman”=MP; “half”=the prefix co-.
16 EDGE,H,ILL – an early and significant skirmish in the the Civil War (English, Version 1.0).
17 UN,LIKELY (Ilkley)* – “Tall” was another bite-sized, blink-and-you-miss-it definition.
19 ASI(MO)V – OM in visa (all rev).
20 N(EURO)N – well-camouflaged definition/surface combo.
23 PEAR – homophone.

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