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Independent 6622 (Hypnos)

Posted by NealH on 7th January 2008


There were some excellent clues in this, but I found it a little unbalanced in that I finished the across clues very quickly but was left with 6 down clues that I found a real struggle. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,278, Rufus: One F in Rif?

Posted by michod on 7th January 2008


Another gentle start to the week from Rufus, with a sprinkling of mild cryptic definitions, some good anagrams, one piece of libertarianism and a bit of Maghreb blues fusion that I’m not sure quite works.  Music (just for you, Rightback): Bing Crosby’s “Road to Morocco”, with its immortal line “Like Webster’s Dictionary, we’re Morocco-bound”.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 355 – Xmas Special

Posted by beermagnet on 7th January 2008


This giant (27*27) crossword offered an substantial £250 prize.
This year it used the Eye’s regular Pseuds Corner column for its material and we had to find an absolutely eye-wateringly priggish piece from one of our foremost thinkers that had appeared in Pseuds Corner sometime in 2007 to fill in around the perimeter.
This gives an advantage to twits like me who acquire several year’s issues of the Eye in a cardboard box in a corner of the office.
As it happens, I didn’t need to scan through all last year’s issues as I got enough of the crossing letters to rough out most of the words before slotting in the rest of the missing letters from the (thankfully provided) unchecked letter list.
I have now tracked down the source to Pseuds Corner from issue 1188 (6-19 July), and have found the original piece here:

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