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Independent 6622 (Hypnos)

Posted by NealH on January 7th, 2008


There were some excellent clues in this, but I found it a little unbalanced in that I finished the across clues very quickly but was left with 6 down clues that I found a real struggle.

10 Land Agent: Landau (a type of carriage) – “u” + Gent.
11 Camaraderie: CA (circa) + MARIE around (AD + ER).
13 Ego: Ergo with r removed.
17 Ice: Double def. I’m not familiar with ice as a term for drugs, but apparently it’s Methamphetamine.
18 Speed Camera: (E + “A MERC PASSED” – S)* + &lit.
22 Sushi: Soundalike of “sioux she”.
1 Stoa: S to A. Not a word I’m familiar with, so one of those I struggled with.
3 Dislodge: D lodge around “is”. I’m guessing it’s referring to David Lodge, but I’m not sure in what way he was Malcolm Bradbury’s rival.
4 Wagner: WAG + ner(o). I got the Nero (fiddler), but it took me ages to twig why “Owen’s partner” was “wag”. Of course, it’s WAG (wife & girlfriend), although one would have to question¬†how that can be a singular (unless he has both).
5 De Valera: (A RED)* around (V ALE). I’m not sure why ALE is clued as “short drink”. The word hasn’t been shortened and it’s not a spirit, although I suppose it is a short word.
8 Petrol Station: Cryptic def, a “crate” being an old car.
16 Andesite: A site around (N de).
20 Answer: A + NSW + ER. I really struggled with that, mainly because the Australian reference convinced me it must start “AUS”.


2 Responses to “Independent 6622 (Hypnos)”

  1. neildubya says:

    3d: Lodge and Bradbury both wrote comic novels that centred around universities and academic life; in that sense, they might be called rivals but it is stretching things a little bit I think.

    As you say, some really good clues in this. My favourite was 18a: “European in a Merc passed recklessly without modicum of sense – activating this?” (5,6)

  2. nmsindy says:

    DE VALERA I think the short refers to very ie v. Thanks for WAGNER – I was right but had no idea of the wordplay that you’ve explained. When I saw six cells in top and bottom rows I thought there may be a theme, but apparently not. Enjoyable puzzle.

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