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Guardian 24281/Yo, Pasquale!

Posted by ilancaron on January 10th, 2008


I think the theme here is famous people that I’ve heard of — unless someone can find a better link between BLAIR, PRESCOTT, FATS WALLER, Stirling and Kate MOSS, Gordon Brown, PARIS HILTON, Dean RUSK, Peter Shilton, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Becket, ABEL… they all speak English?… OK, except for ABEL.


1 YO B,LAIR – supposedly Dubya’s way of greeting his good bud Tony. Turns out that LAIR is an Oz term for “a man who dresses garishly…”.
5 T[o],WADDLE – O for “duck” is removed.
10 C[hurch],A,RM,ELITE – “jolly” is a Brit term for a Royal Marine. And perhaps Monk is Pasquale’s nomination for the next Archbishop?
11 ELEVEN-PLUS – nice self-referential clue. Ref. the exam the English use to decide their children’s future when they are still far too young (is this still true? not in London I think).
14 RALLENTANDO – (later on land)* – musical deceleration.
18 PARI=pair*,S HILTON – ref. Peter SHILTON who was the goalie for England in the 80s (?) and Britney Spear’s main competitor for tabloid attention (typically related to not wearing underwear).
21 RUSK – ref. Dean RUSK the American Sec. of State but I don’t understand the Brecon ref: “Dean goes through Brecon”.
22 FATS WALLER – (waterfall’s)*
25 RHODONITE – (the iron do[se])* and it’s a mineral
26 [b]OUNCE – the OUNCE is a common feline in the cryptic zoo.
27 B(A,T[w]IST)E – it’s a kind of … fabric.


1 YAM,M,ER – rev(re,m[aiden],may=can)
2 B(ILL)ED – I think. The def is “listed as”, “sick” is ILL, I don’t see how BED is indicated nor the containment though.
3 AMATEURISH – (True – a ham is)* – anag &lit
5,20 TURBULENT PRIEST – (Blunt upsetter, 1, R[ex])*. Ref. Eliot’s “Becket”.
7 D,RIPPING – our “semicircular piece” is just a D. And DRIPPINGS are “fat and juices exuded from meat”.
13 S(T[oe])ANDAL,ONE
16 S(PARE R)IB – our “brother” is our SIB.
17 PRE,SCOT,T – I think John PRESCOTT is/was a leader or deputy leader or assistant vice deputy leader of the Labour Party. And Gordon Brown certainly sounds like a SCOT.
19 GLANCE – I don’t understand this… ref. a glancing shot? “Shot that may have some lead in it”.
24 MOSS – two meanings: ref. Stirling MOSS (he of “Bluebird” fame) and Kate MOSS.

9 Responses to “Guardian 24281/Yo, Pasquale!”

  1. Ian Watts says:

    24d Stirling Moss of Formula one fame not Bluebird (Donald Campbell he I think)
    What a devil of a puzzle this is!
    I look forward to some more explanations!

  2. David says:

    2d If you’re unable to get up, you’re ‘in bed’

  3. Diagacht says:

    Don’t understand 19d. Could it be ‘slinge’? Sling – shot, as in, but no idea what it means.

  4. Testy says:

    GLANCE has two meanings: an oblique blow; a mineral which may contain lead (lead-glance)

  5. David says:

    21ac R(iver) Usk is in the Brecon area of Wales

  6. David says:

    (Some may take issue on Prescott’s ability to speak English, Ilancaron!)

  7. Shirley says:

    19d A leg glance is a shot in cricket

  8. Adam says:

    How come no one put “prefect” (flawless = perfect twisted inside)for 28 across? And what’s up with Yo Blair? That’s bunk!

  9. Ron says:

    2d. I think that perhaps the true subtlety has been missed – billed = listed, and unable to get up is “ill in bed” – hence billed

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