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Azed 1858 – Competition Puzzle

Posted by petebiddlecombe on January 12th, 2008


In theory I should delay this another hour but I’m sure anyone intending to write a clue to HUMONGOUS will have done so by now.

Solving time: 22:20 – no books – and no mistakes for a change (unless of course, you know different). Despite about 11 new words for me, this was a straightforward puzzle.

1 OBSTRUCTED R in (doubts etc.)*
11 GEARE hidden – = gear = armour (obs.) – new meaning to me
13 METOPON – met,op,on – a less addicitve alternative to morphine apparently – first of a pair, both new to me I think
14 MOXA – ox = neat, in ma- leaf down, sunflower pith or other fluffy sbstances used to relieve chronic arthritic pain
17 CLIP-ON – lip = brass = cheek in con
18 DIENE – E in dine – an organis compound with two bonds between carbon atoms – those double lines I vaguely remember from the diagrams, I guess.
25 SANKO – or sancho – a W African guitar – another new word
27 THORPE – H in (rep to)*
31 ODAL – rev. of L,ado – my time might have been even quicker if I hadn’t strugggled to remember this barred-grid chestnut. A bit worrying, that was.
32 NARTHEX – n,art,hex – it’s something in church architecture and that’s near enough for me.
33 NORIMON – new word for me – rim in noon = 12.
35 DRESS SENSE – S in rednesses*
2 BEEGLUE – gee=well! reversed in blue=waste
3 SATI – from satiable
4 TROPPO – (Op. port) rev.
6 CONFRONTE – CON(FR.,ON)TE – new word but not worth looking up
7 TELEDU – eluted* – the stinking badger of Java
8 DUODENA – don’t quite get the worplay though I guess it involves the oud, a N African fiddle.
9 WAXEN – axe in (he)wn
10 CLARENCEUX – CLARE=Nun – a ‘Poor Clare’ I guess,N,C.E.,ux. = uxor = wife. New word for me – the second king-of-arms in England apparently
13 MOCHA STONE – mo,chast(e),one – another new word but one not worth looking up
15 ANGELENOS – gel in (as none)* – residents of LA
20 MANSARD – man,sa(r)d – those roofs with steep sides and flatter tops
21 LIPPENS – lip,pens – a new Scots word for me
23 TO-NAME – on in tame
24 PONTIE = punty and other spellings – the iron rod used by glassblowers, another new word for me
26 AIDOS – “I do” in as. Gk. for modesty – another new word, I think
28 HARDS – hard,S – I think I may have seen this meaning before
30 THAN – H in tan. I don’t understand the def., but it must be right.

2 Responses to “Azed 1858 – Competition Puzzle”

  1. Andrew says:

    For 30D, the definition is from THAN, an obsolete (=”forgotten”) form of THEN, which = “immediately” (confirmed by Chambers).

  2. jetdoc says:

    Apologies (sort of) for what turned out to be a premature posting of the blog for 1857, the deadline having been extended because of the various typos. This was not mentioned on the website, or next to the printed puzzle in the paper, and I didn’t see it until many hours later. What with a combination of extreme pressure of work and a cold, I didn’t have time to do anything about it. And I blame the Observer, anyway.

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