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Independent 6628 by Math – “Left, Right; Left, Right..”

Posted by NealH on January 14th, 2008


A relatively easy puzzle from Math, with a few tricky clues in the lower part of the grid.    I was only able to get 23 across after I’d noticed that the extreme left column of the grid was populated entirely by the letter “L” and the extreme right-hand by “R”.

9 Lead Astray: (Days later a)*. Reasonably deceptive anagram indicator of “doctor”
12 Cleverer: C + leverer. Slightly moot as to whether “leverer” is actually a word or not, although it is clued with a “perhaps”.
16 Leases: I wasn’t completely sure on this. The clue is “What letters have written”, so I imagine it’s letters in the sense of landlords, but it might be something else.
21 Yabber: Reversal of (Reb + bay). “Reb” was clued as “with grey coat”, referring to the US Civil War.
23 Loki: Soundalike of “low key”. One of those tricky name of god clues (all of which seem to be obscure things with short names). I would really have struggled without knowing the first letter was “l”.
26 Rehear: “He” in “rear”. Try in the legal sense.
1 Lifeless: “Less” after “life”. Easy enough clue, but well disguised by using clue 25 (lethargy) as the definition.
3 + 13 Two sides to every story: (Vet’s wise to destroy Roy)*. Excellent anagram with a good surface meaning.
8 Lyrics: L + (ry)* + i + cs.
15 Outright: “Tri” in “Ought”.
17 Skeletal: Reversal of “late” + “leks”. Probably the trickiest clue, unless you’re a currency expert (and, given currency is also sometimes used to mean river, the range of possibilities is quite large). The Lek is the currency of Albania.
24 Mare: Mar + E. A “hack” is a type of horse.

4 Responses to “Independent 6628 by Math – “Left, Right; Left, Right..””

  1. neildubya says:

    I filled in YABBER and SKELETAL without completely understanding why so thanks for explaining both of those. Like you, I would have struggled with 23a without knowing it started with an L; the final R made 24a easier too.

    All in all, a nice puzzle to start the week on.

  2. nmsindy says:

    There were also two LEFTS and two RIGHTS visible in the grid and TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY. Saw L and R in the columns early on which spent solving. Letters = landlords with the leases being written, I think.

  3. nmsindy says:

    should be “sped” solving.

  4. Jon says:

    The bottom half held me up too. I would have been a lot quicker if I’d gone for SY for Seychelles instead of the SS I quickly leapt in with, which caused me some problems with 25ac.

    The ‘destroy’ in the middle of the long anagram fodder tricked me for a bit too, before I worked out it wasn’t in fact the anagram indicator. I had the answer for a while before I worked out where all the letters came from!

    Well, it is a Monday…

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