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Guardian 24,285, Chifonie: He-rewarding in the end

Posted by michod on 15th January 2008


This was tough stuff indeed, but ultimately satisfying, with some fine clues. It took a good half hour all told, i.e. half of my tube journey (the needs of work oblige me to read the news first), and a five-minute walk during which I chewed over the last two clues. 27ac hit me as I walked to my desk, and 20dn followed immediately. Phew!

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Independent 6629/Virgilius – Marginally wrong

Posted by neildubya on 15th January 2008


Some Virgilius themes leap out at you, others reveal themselves slowly. This puzzle was definitely in the latter category for me, although I expect it would have been quicker had I got 7/32 early on. I could see something happening in the unchecked letters in the top and bottom rows and left and right columns but it looked very strange with OO in both the top row and right-hand column. Eventually, BOOBOO and BLOOMER suggested themselves and MISTAKE emerged. HERESY didn’t seem to fit with the other three but “error” can mean a deviation from an accepted code of behaviour, which I suppose is similar to HERESY. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24283/Rufus

Posted by ilancaron on 15th January 2008


Sorry this is late — I completely forgot. A pretty nice puzzle with a couple of clues that I wouldn’t have been surprised to have enountered in an Araucaria: e.g. 22D and 23D both of which I enjoyed, even 9A and 6D.

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