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FT 12,666/Cinephile – Number of the Beast

Posted by smiffy on January 17th, 2008


Quite an esoteric theme for this one, although it is readily flagged and accessible thanks to the preamble, “The beasts are 8″ (i.e. 8D). I thought it strange that the creatures in question were referred to as “beasts” but have just noticed, on starting this entry that it’s a play on today’s puzzle number (xy,666). I shall be looking to litter my conversations tomorrow with the answer to 13A, as my newly-acquired “phrase of the week”.

1 SET PIECE – “sett peace”. I was only aware of the definition in a footballing context, not a firework one.
5 A,P,PIUS – as in he of the Appian Way. I think this clue is about as close as you can get to double-duty wordplay without actually overdoing the brinkmanship. (How many non-Pontiffs do you know named Pius?).
10 REGINA – (regain)*. “State prosecutor”, as in Regina vs …., is a neat touch.
13 BR(AND,N)AZI(-l) – And I thought that the last surviving Nazi was Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi.
14 VOYEUR – (you Rev)*, with “Turner” being the typically Cinephiliac anagrind.
21 COCKER – thematic
27 A,LIE,NATE (a net)* – Took we longer to crack than it ought ot have.
29 PS(ALTER)Y – “Instrument of change” is a prime example of a seamless lift/separate device.

1 SUS,SEX – thematic
2 TRE(BIZ,O)ND – Unknown to me but guessable from wordplay alone. Turns out that its modern day name is Trabzon (fellow footy nerds may recognise the Turkish team Trabzonspor).
3,25A – IRISH WATER – thematic
4 CLUMBER – thematic
5 PREADAMIC – (hidden)
8 SPANIELS – (painless)*. The theme en clair.
15 ELOQUENCE – “New Queen Cole” being the nursery rhyme monarch’s latest squeeze, one presumes.
20,21 KING CHARLES – thematic
22 GRE(ED)Y – “sombrely clothed” = in grey.
24 FIELD – thematic

2 Responses to “FT 12,666/Cinephile – Number of the Beast”

  1. Testy says:

    I struggled a lot with this. First hint at the theme was realising that 3,25A had to be IRISH WATER but had no idea what sort of beast that was. One quick Google and a look at Wikipedia later and they started to fall into place. I wouldn’t have stood a chance otherwise as the only spaniels I knew were COCKER (but I wasn’t familiar with the other definition), KING CHARLES (which I put in but still don’t understand) and SPRINGER.

    Never heard of TREBIZOND but eventually guessed at it (but only when all the checking letters were there) or PREADAMIC (which I’d had to leave blank) or VIENTIANE (for which I thought “essential part” for ENTIA was a dreadful Araucarianism). I didn’t get APPIUS and am kicking myself for it (but seeing it now I’m also not keen on the pope doing a double service).

    I’ve never heard the term BRAND NAZI and Google is only slightly familiar with it too. However I agree it’s a great phrase and am also keen to use it.

  2. smiffy says:

    I took King Charles to be the “recurring head” (i.e. Charles I and II, either side of all that Cromwellian stuff). Clumber and Field were new breeds to me.

    Not sure how i managed to omit Vientiane from my analysis as: (i) I’m with you that “essential part” was , and (ii) I was relieved to be able to somehow dredge it up from the memory banks alone.

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