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Guardian 24287/Orlando

Posted by linxit on January 17th, 2008


Sorry this is so late – I wrote it up at lunchtime but the site’s been down for most of the afternoon with an “Unable to connect to database” error.

I seem to remember that the last Orlando puzzle I solved was a bit of a let-down, but this was pretty good. I have to admit looking up the Milton quotation in ODQ, once I’d guessed the “pastures new” bit. I was slowed down at the end because I had RENT BILLS for 6D (bills = money = bread), which made 11 impossible, but I got there eventually.

4,1d,24 TOMORROW TO FRESH WOODS AND PASTURES NEW (the awesome, wondrous words of transport)* – a quote from Milton’s Lycidas. Nice long anagram, usually a speciality of Araucaria or Enigmatist.
8 FOLLOW ON,ES NOSE (sees no)*
11 TRITON(e) – a Greek sea-god usually depicted blowing a conch.
12 HANDS,CREW – a new meaning of jack for me, but I suppose it’s just another word for the sort of jack you have in the car.
17 OR,SON – I got this from the second part of the clue. Valentine and Orson is a story about twin brothers.
19 D.A.,CAPO – a musical term, literally “from the head”.
21 PRINT,R(U)N – U = “for all to see”, film classification.
25 CHAR,LOCK – a type of wild mustard.

2 SPLIT,ENDS – Split is in Croatia, on the Adriatic.
4 TOOK,TURNS – Barry Took was a comedian, so the definition of TOOK was “That’s funny, Barry”.
6 RENT,ROLLS – hmph! Bread = ROLLS, not BILLS! That held me up for nearly 10 mins with just 11A to go in.
9 IN LOVE AND WAR – in which “All’s fair”. Nice cryptic def.
14 WATER,BUCK – ready = cash
16 RIO GRANDE – river on the USA-Mexico border, and a John Wayne film.
20 C-IN-C,H
22 NEE,P(ari)S – Scottish turnips. Neeps and tatties are the traditional accompaniment to haggis on Burns night (Jan 25).

2 Responses to “Guardian 24287/Orlando”

  1. muck says:

    4ac, 1dn, 20ac: I got ‘pastures new’ but then had to resort too to my quotations dictionary for ‘to-morrow’. Good puzzle.

  2. Chris says:

    Is it just me or has Orlando become much more difficult of late? He used to be a reasonably (but certainly not overly) easy and very satisfying solve, perfect for the journey into work, but I’ve struggled with his most recent puzzles.

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