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Independent 6631 by Monk

Posted by nmsindy on January 17th, 2008


Looking at the grid before I started saw checking was low in some cases eg 2 in 5-letter words, 3 in 7-letters words so I suspected a theme.   Having solved it however, I cannot see one apart from the 4 symmetrically placed (2,3,4) entries, all having THE as the second word.   Difficult, but you expect that with Monk, and some excellent clues as usual – solving time  52 mins.

* = anagram
7 INDEX    INDEX finger, thumb INDEX  and an INDEX is a pointer
8 UP T H(E D)UFF    (put)*     Pregnant
10 CHAS T E   From Chas and Dave (pop) and final letters.
17 PRE (CE) P Term    Excellent seamless join in teaching/assignment
20 O DIN
22 FAC (E-ACH) E
25 Liza MIN (NELL) I
27 ON THE GAME  (gen at home)*
28 BAS (L) E

1 ON THE ME ND     Theme = idea
3 SPINACH   (chains P)*   vegetable associated with P
9 KEPI  Hidden
14 UP THE WALL    The Wall is the album
16 FINE LEGS   Not having heard of Cyd Charisse (a dancer in films now in her 80s) I got this from the cricket reference ie fielders but was held up for a while having pencilled in ‘long legs’
24 F (R) IEND   R = resistance   Friend = China = mate

4 Responses to “Independent 6631 by Monk”

  1. Jon says:

    I managed about half of this one, which is good for me for a Thursday puzzle.

    I’ve got AMNESIAC in for 12ac, but can’t fully explain why. AM = american, and an elephant remembers, but apart from that?

    5d I guessed at Edithe of Edythe, but can’t work out the homonym (if it is one!) I guess it’s probably wrong!

    re: 14d. I got The Wall as the album from the checking W. But is ‘crazy’ the definition? If so, aren’t you driven ‘up the wall’, driven crazy, rather than ‘up the wall’ meaning being crazy?

  2. nmsindy says:

    Jon, AMNESIAC is (Americans)* less R = run

    5 down is ODETTE owe debt

  3. Jon says:

    Thanks – I really should have got that…

  4. Quixote says:

    Ah FFION – thanks, should have got that. I suppose if there is a theme it is one of laddish terminolgy, a modern trend across the Guardian and the Indy which some of the boys love but will perhaps appeal to others rather less.

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