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Inquisitor 54 – Seasonal Show by Loda

Posted by duncanshiell on January 17th, 2008


The clues for this Seasonal Show were presented in three blocks:

Firstly, an unnumbered set of clues to the whole of each of Rows 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 with the clues in each row run together to read as a single sentence, without indication of where one clue started and another ended. However, we were told that the clues were in the right order in each row;

Secondly the remaining Across clues; and

Finally the Down clues.

We were informed that that the Row clues contained elements to be adapted for the Seasonal Show in line with the examples we would find in two of the columns. My first thoughts of pantomimes came to nothing as the answers unfolded.

We were also told that most of the Across and Down clues contained an extra word, the initial letters of which, in clue order, spelt out a thematic phrase., with an additional indication that the phrase was a humorous variation on a more well known phrase.  In fact, all the Across clues and all but the final two Down clues contained an extra word.  The thematic phrase, with apologies to Shakespeare, appeared as:

Now is the winter of our discount tents

leading to the theme of Winter Sales which were in full swing on 5th January when the Crossword was published.

The answers to the Row clues had be adjusted by repositioning the letters S, A, L and E in the answers to create the word SALE in as many places as possible.  In many cases this involved adjusting letters across the join of the answers to the row clues. The unaffected letters remained in their correct order.

There were, I think, 10 occurrences of SALE that could be created in the Rows.  Together with the two instances of SALE in the columns, one in column 1 – last letter of 10 down and first 3 letters of 29 down – and one in column 12 – last 2 letters of 10 down and first 2 letters of 15 down – this gave the 12 appearances of SALE that had to be highlighted in the final grid.

To help generate the large number of occurrences of SALE in the Rows there were some very obscure words in the Across and Down answers – e.g WEAMB , LUIT and LINS. On a couple of the homophones and reversals I required help from the crossing answers to determine the correct entry e.g. ABLE/ABEL , or direction of entry – CEPS/SPEC. There were some definitons that brought a smile – e.g Cleaning fluids for ENEMAS.   My age helped with Mrs DALE’s Diary – it was first broadcast on 5th January 1948 with the final episode aired in April 1969.  It used to be broadcast twice a day on the Light Programme around the time of Worker’s Playtime. R egrettably, I can remember it well.

The clues read well and kept their true meaning hidden from me for a while over a couple of solving sessions totalling about 4 hours. There were 47 clues in all – excellent value for money!

Row Answers and Entries
Row Clues in Row Answers Entry
Analysis of Rows
Row Start/Finish of clue Answer Components
1.1 Excuse……recreation PLEASURE PLEA (excuse) + SURE (stable) = PLEASURE (recreation)
1.2 and……part ALSO Hidden in (in part) bestiAL SOngs; = ALSO (and)
3.1 Eighty……matches REPLICAS R (medieval Roman Numeral for 80) + EPLICAS (anagram (striking) of special) = REPLICAS (copies or matches)
3.2 obliterate……part LEES LEE(D)S losing or obliterating D, 1 of its 5 characters, 1/5 being 20% = LEES (sediment of wine or worst part)
5.1 Fellow……cotton LEAS (F)LEAS (fleas jump!, less Fellow(F)) = LEAS (a lea is 120 yards of cotton)
5.2 are……dates ERAS ERA (anagram (knitted) of are) + S (special)= ERAS (important dates)
5.3 emblazoned……airline EL AL E (the front, or first letter of emblazoned) + LAL (anagram (free) of all) = EL AL (National airline of Israel)
8.1 Sets……stealth STEALS STES (anagram (out) of sets) containing /snares AL (Al Capone) = STEALS (win by stealth)
8.2 treacherous……initially! WEASEL W (with) + EASE (wealth) + L (initial letter of laughed) = WEASEL (treacherous person)
10.1 Easy……turning over LEGIBLE B (book) after/follows I (on), then LE (the , n French), with LEG (gel (girl) turning) at the beginning = LEGIBLE (easy to read). I am not 100% sure whether the word ‘dialect’ in the clue refers to the use of I for on, or to the use of GEL for girl or to something else I have missed altogether.
10.2 over with……protected SAVED S (sun) + AVED = SAVED (protected).  Despite thinking about it on and off for over a week, I can’t relate AVED to overhead so am struggling with the wordplay for this clue. I am confident that LEGIBLE and SAVED are the right answers, but will be fairly obvious that I have not fully understood the wordplay in either of these 2 clues. Indeed ,I am not completely sure to which clue the word ‘over’ belongs.  No doubt the constructs will be blindingly obvious when spelt out to me!
12.1 Diarist’s valley DALE Double definition from Mrs DALE‘s Diary and DALE (valley)
12.2 coach……on? SUBLEASE SUB (bus, or coach reversed) + LEAS (pastures) + E (end , or last letter of village) = SUBLEASE ( to lease property on which one holds a lease)
No. Additional word First letter Answer Components
10 near N CEPS SPEC (speculate: a bit of a gamble, reversed or ‘from the East’) = CEPS (edible mushrooms)
11 Oasis O PLOT TO (to) + LP (long playing record) all reversed, or backing = PLOT (plan)
12 watching W LINS Double definition, LINS (Spenserian word for stops); LINS (waterfalls, a variant on the more common LINNS)
16 idiotic I KANT Triple definition, Philosopher (Immanuel KANT, philosopher); KANT (toss or jerk, variant of CANT); KANT (angle from vertical or horizontal, also a variant of CANT)
18 seam S ARKOSE Anagram (crumbly) of SEARO(C)K without C (carbon) = ARKOSE (a sandstone rich in feldspar)
21 terrorists T ESTHER Anagram (free) of THREE and S (second) = ESTHER (Girl’s name)
23 house H LUIT LU (leaders/first letters of Leeds United) + IT (Sex appeal) = LUIT (Scottish past tense of let)
31 eyed E ESME Hidden in StainES MEn which run together when ‘eyed’ is removed = ESME (another Girl’s name)
32 Welsh W LAME Double definition LAME (unsatisfactory); LAMÉ (a fabric with metallic threads when spelt with an accent on the E)
33 insulted I WIGS Homophone, indicated by ‘broadcast’, of WHIGS (a British political party with its heyday in the late 18th, early19th century) = WIGS (slang for a judge)
No. Additional word First letter Entry Components
1 Navvy N SEESAW SEESA (anagram (out) of eases) + W = SEESAW (balanced plank)
2 turret T APPAL A (a) + PPAL (Lapp, reversed or climbing) = APPAL (dismay)
3 Experiencing E EPIGENE EPIGEN (anagram (trouble) of peeing) + E (final letter of urinate) = EPIGENE (acting at the earth’s surface)
4 rugby R ULCER ULCER (anagram (wound) of cruel) = ULCER (wound); NB – two uses and meanings of ‘wound’
5 out O STAB STAB (bananas or BATS back; back more usually used for an across clue) = STAB (stick)
6 fictitious F ALLEL ALL (entirely) + EL (‘the’ in Spanish) = ALLEL (a form of a gene)
7 Olive O LIEGE LIE (romance) surrounding/engrosses EG (e.g.) = LIEGE (a lord or superior in feudal times)
8 unused U ENEMAS SAME (identical) + NE (W) (almost unused), all reversed/standing up = ENEMAS (fluids to clean the rectum))
9 reupholstered R OSSA Hidden and reversed/turned up in MariAS SOfa = OSSA (bones)
10 David D CROSSES CROSS (hybrid) + ES (heart of jESt) = CROSSES (Victoria Cross and Brent Cross)
13 implied I SISAL SISAL (anagram (murdered) of lass and I) = SISAL (fibre of a Mexican plant used for making rope and string)
14 superbly S YEAH HAY (grass) containing/taken E (ecstasy) all reversed/uplifts = YEAH (yes or for sure
15 crypt C LEGENDS L (a Lambert is unit of luminance (l)) + EG (say/e.g.) + ENDS (finishes) = LEGENDS (inscriptions)
17 overalls O TREES TREES (anagram (for treating) of rese(n)t, less/denied N (news)) = TREES (timbers)
19 undermines U RUELLES RUE (regret) + LLES (anagram (out) of sell) = RUELLES (narrow lanes in France)
20 naughty N KISS KIS (children, KI(D)S without D (daughter)) + S (son) = KISS (smack means to kiss roughly))
22 the T STRESS SS (ship, steamship) containing/carrying TRES (anagram (working) of rest) = STRESS (force)
24 Tennyson T ALLEGE ALLEE (French avenue or walk) round G (first letter of garden) = ALLEGE (quote in discussion).  A note on the Crossword Centre Message Board by the editor of the Inquisitor series indicated this clue should have read .’…edge of garden….”
25 exposing E SIGMA S(T)IGMA (scar) less/not T (tense) = SIGMA (character of the Greek alphabet)
26 named N ARIEL Hidden/wraps in cAR I.E. Limo = ARIEL (a mountain gazelle found in Arabia and surrounding countries)
27 Touch T WEAMB Odd letters (not even) of WhEn ArMs By = WEAMB (womb, or more frequently, belly)
28 spots S ANVIL N (note) + VI (roman numerals for 6) inside/in A (a) …… L (line) = ANVIL a small bone in the ear)
29 No additional word ALED A (advanced) + LED (went first) = ALED (boy’s name, from the name of a Welsh river)
30 No additional word ABLE Homophone of (we hear) ABEL (Adam’s son) = ABLE (clever)

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 54 – Seasonal Show by Loda”

  1. HolyGhost says:

    Oh dear, Row 10 caused the blogger a few problems. Anwers are correct though.
    The clue for 10.1 is “Easy … French”: B=book, LEG=on (cricket), I=in, LE=the French.
    As for 10.2: D=dialect at first, EVA=girl, turned over => AVED, S=sun (overhead => S first).

  2. Duncan Shiell says:


    It is indeed blindingly obvious. There’s usually one or two clues in every crossword where I get fixated on one particular theory and can’t see the wood for the trees.

  3. Teresa Stewart says:

    indoctrinization thalassophilous smaller relayman piitis flavorsome archconspirator chary
    Pan African Imagery

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