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Guardian 24288/Brendan

Posted by Colin Blackburn on January 18th, 2008

Colin Blackburn.

The grid pattern and setter meant a theme was there somewhere. It took a while for it to work out but in the end it’s spelled out across the middle of the grid. All the across entries bar 9,10 and 23 (ANTISOCIAL) contribute to or hint at the theme of the Channel Islands. The CI are famous for their knitwear, their cows and their liberal approach to tax and financial regulation. Brendan sensibly tackles the first two topics.

7,17 FALKLAND ISLANDS — FLAK* + I in LANDS+LANDS — excellent, if disturbing, surface.
9,10 FLOWER SHOW — FL + (WHO SWORE)* — Chelsea has one of these.
11 SACRED COWS — cryptic def? — I’m reading this as a cryptic definition unless anyone can point me to any word play.
12,25 YELLOW JERSEY — cryptic def. — what the leader of the Tour de France wears.
14 ALDERNEY — ALDER + YEN< — a small cow named after the island.
15,22 CHANNEL TUNNEL — sort of cryptic double def. — this can be read as a single cryptic definition. It can also be read as two definitions the second cryptic and the first referring to Napolean’s failed project to build the tunnel.
20 KNITWEAR — (trun)K + (A WINTER)* — several of the CI also produce distinctive knitwear.
24 SARK — double def. — the northern garment is a Scottish shirt, the association is with ‘knitwear below’, ie with Jersey and Guernsey.
26 GUERNSEY — (US ENERGY)* — another island cow.
6 PEEWEE — WEEP< + EE — another name for the lapwing (from its lapping flight) aka peewit (from its call.)
21 NANTES — N+ANTES — here I’m assuming pool refers to the several antes put in by each plays, hence ANTES rather than ANTE.
22 TILLER — double def. — perhaps a hint to the fifth major CI, Helm?

4 Responses to “Guardian 24288/Brendan”

  1. beermagnet says:

    ‘Erm, the fifth CI is Herm, Colin

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    Ah, I blame it on having to use a laptop monitor and out of prescription glasses! Thanks.

  3. muck says:

    Brilliant Brendan.

    I was held up by 21dn, for which I had N(ew)+P(ool)in ALES, which is in France, for NAPLES, which is a city but didn’t fit with 23ac. I did get NANTES, which makes much more sense.

  4. Sunny Jim says:

    15,22 was somewhat spoilt by the channel tunnel terminus having moved from Waterloo to St Pancras last year.

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