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Guardian 24,283 (Sat 12 Jan)/Paul – Up to no good

Posted by rightback on January 19th, 2008


Solving time: 11:57

Some tricky clues in this, and a bit of a theme based around references to 8ac (GOOD), the main twist of this being at 12ac and 24/13ac in which clues the ‘8’ has to be taken at face value. Paul is much more my cup of tea than Araucaria, but does make me pity the editor somewhat – tee hee.

For some reason the clues in the online version of this were centre-aligned. I expected the reason for this to become clear when solving, but I think it was probably just an accident.

Music (10ac) – the fantastic Largo et Factotum, sung by 10ac, from Rossini’s The Barber of Seville. Alternatively, Woody Woodpecker’s rendition is here.

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’.

1 PAR + LANCE – the last clue I solved, although actually it’s not one of the harder clues. Quite an apt surface for anyone in the Gloucestershire area.
9 B + OASTFUL – I believe Kent is famous for its oasts.
10 FIGARO; rev. of O + RAG + IF – the Barber of Seville.
12 ROWING TEAMS; Spoonerism of “TOWING REAMS” – ‘8s’ is the definition here.
15 W(ARE)S
17 A + S(TROD)OME – a stadium in Houston, Texas.
18 EX + HIB + IT + OR – not quite sure I have this right. As far as I can tell, the Hib vaccine is a vaccine against Hib, which makes this equivalent to clueing ‘measles’ as ‘vaccine’. Also the definition ‘one’s shown’ needs to be read in the past tense (i.e. ‘one has shown’) which is a little unsatisfactory. Clarifications welcomed.
20 T(HATCHER)IT + E – excellent clue, with ‘Old blue’ the definition.
24/13 NO HEAD FOR HEIGHTS; [h]EIGHTS – this time ‘8s’ is part of the wordplay. Nice clue, though easy if you know what ‘acrophobia’ means, and a good excuse to include this phrase which masks some possible naughtiness on the setter’s part in the bottom left corner.
25 SCORCHED; rev. of CROC in SHED
26 BE(G,G)AR – ‘8s’ this time leading to two lots of G[ood].
1 PUB-CRAWLER; rev. of UP, + B(C)RAWLER – a double black mark for me here; ‘Itinerant drinker…’ and (3-7) should have been plenty, but this actually took me ages (and a dalliance with ‘bar-crawler’), and when I finally solved it I made the initial ‘P’ look like a ‘D’, so couldn’t get 1ac.
2 ROADWORTHY; (TORY HOWARD)* – nice anagram.
4 COURT MARTIAL; “CAUGHT MARSHAL” – another good clue.
8 G(O)OD – slightly surprised this was so easy, as several clues reference the answer.
14 HELL + BENDER – I made this up but it turns out to be a large American salamander also known as the ‘mud puppy’.
22 KNOB; rev. of BONK – I’m sure the crossing of this with 24ac was pure coincidence…
23 SHAG (double definition) – …and likewise. ‘Leaves if fuming’ is a fantastic definition.

4 Responses to “Guardian 24,283 (Sat 12 Jan)/Paul – Up to no good”

  1. Andrew says:

    For 18ac, I read it the same way. I don’t particularly mind One’s = One has: in fact I thought it was quite a clever way to hide the definition. The Hib thing definitely seems a bit dodgy though – I suspect misreading of the sources when trying to find a def for HIB.

  2. beermagnet says:

    Hib = vaccine was OK by me, in fact, that was one of the first clues I solved and the Hib part was the major reason for that. I equate Hib with vaccine because, as the parent of several kids I am inevitably familiar with the phrase “Hib vaccine”, knowing vaguely that it is something to guard against one of the meningitis diseases, without realising what Hib actually stands for and that it is a disease in its own right. So thanks for the link. I believe the nurses down the baby clinic speak of “The Hib” or just “Hib” meaning the vaccine, so I suggest it has become synonymous with this use.
    Excellent music choice by the way – that cheered me up.

  3. Andrew says:

    By the way, surely this should Guardian 24,283, not ST

  4. rightback says:

    Er… yes. Thanks!

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